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What makes a page set as a profile page?
I've read the guidelines but I can't seem to find a reason why my page was randomly set as a profile page ^_^
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Can someone give me feedback on my drawings?
I have a gallery with some drawings in it, I was wondering if anyone could look through and give me some advice. ^_^ Feel free to be as critical and honest as you want, I'm looking for things to improve on.
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How to make a story popular?
I was just wondering how to make a story popular without direct advertising, I don't think my new chapters show up on the news feed. I'd like it if you can read my story before giving advice! ^_^
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Why can't I upload a photo on a story? (Answered)
I stayed up late drawing a cover for my story, but I can't seem to upload the photo. I believe the error message is, "There is something wrong with this photo, it cannot be uploaded" or something along the lines. I believe the...
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Is There A Way To Get Rid Of My Laziness?
I can't be bothered to type. Title says it all. ^.^
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What Are The Cruelest Animal Parents?
Pandas, seahorses... So many cruel animals you don't even know are so mean. They can look cute, fuzzy and exotic- but be very terrible to their own young! So what I wonder is, which is the most cruel out of all the ones you know?
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If you had to die by coldness or heat, which would be better?
I always which one would have less suffering, jumping in a volcano or being naked in the Antarctic...
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