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Why do we feel tired almost all the time?
We have moments when we feel tired almost all the time, and the rest does not make the effect so that fatigue accumulates in our body. What do you think is the reason we feel tired?
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In your country, when will you celebrate Easter? What month and day?
Easter is a celebration of Spring, joy, flowers, everything that is beautiful. Maybe Mr. Rabbit will come to you with a little gift. Have a Happy Spring and lot of joy!
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Can you imagine life without love, a little happiness and hope?
Imagine this scenario and tell me how you see life without them or how you feel when you have them?
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How Can I Have Fun During the Weekend?
Does anyone have some ideas how can I spend my weekend? should I stay home and read a book, go to the cinema, make a QUIZ?? Any ideas?
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What goals do you have this year?
You want to pass an exam, you want to get a job, you want to travel, you want to make new friends, you want to have more confidence in you, you want to accomplish something important in your life. What is that goul that can cha...
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What Christmas gifts you received under the decorated tree?
Happy Holidays! & lots of gifts from Santa ;))
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What Holiday do you like the most?
How can you describe "TRUST"?
How can you know the one next to you has faith in you and you can trust him? I would like to know what you think about this, I am a little confused about this word "trust".
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Do you love surprises?
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What color combinations you like?
Some like the combination of cool colors, warm colors others, what color combinations you like? for example - red with yellow, blue and green. I wait your answer honestly!
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What is your favorite show?
Gossip girl, Lie to me, Blood, The Tudors, 90210, Life unexpected, Heroes, Lost or other. Choose one.
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Which is your favorite pet?
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What flavor has your favorite cake?
The flavor of a cake makes us to eat that cake. Which is yours...?
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Is your health important to you?