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Warrior cat name ideas?
I'm now writing a new story called "Destiny of the Stars", and I need characters and names, please! I NEED HELP WITH THIS! I need: -Warriors -Queens -Kits -Elders Also, if you have a character you want to add: Name: Descri...
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Warrior cat name ideas? (1)
I'm writing a series about warrior cats. I need names... Here are the cats I need names for: Strikepaw- (Strikefur?) ginger tabby she-cat, mean and sassy Toadpaw- (Toadfang?) muscular brown tom (strikepaw's brother), mean and ...
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What should the warrior names be for the characters of the series I'm writing?
I need warrior names for: Brackenpaw- golden-brown tabby tom Mistypaw- silver tabby she-cat Jaypaw- gray tabby tom Stormpaw- gray tabby tom Mintpaw- pale gray she-cat Also, new characters are needed! Please fill this in: Name:...
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