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What's your Qfeast dream?
What is your goal on Qfeast? What do you desire most to do on here?
37 / 14 by Elleyd
What is your favorite band?
I love bands... I'm bandsexual lol. I have so many bands that I love by, My Chemical Romance is my favorite... soooo who is yours?
12 / 16 by kittey
Why do people say LOL?
Really, your not laughing out loud! OMG is fine if it means Our Migrating Geese but really, lol? When your standing right next to someone? They can tell if your laughing you know!
5 / 4 by sisaloofafump
If you were in the hunger games what would your weapon be?
Would it be a bow like Katniss? A rock like thresh? A spear like marvel? Throwing knifes like Clove? A trident like Finnick? A axe like Johanna and more! Be creative!!!
27 / 13 by Mikaela.Hyakuya
have you ever been rick rolled
I just watched a youtubers react and they got rickrolled it was hilarious
6 / 0 by stepoff