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Friendship emergency!
In my friendship group, there are two girls who are literally best friends with each other, Mia and Jade (fake names). And they never seem to have time for us. When me and Mia are on the bus, we chat and have loads of fun. We w...
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I'm jealous of my best friend! What do I do?
My best friend has everything that I really want in life! Boys leaving roses in her locker on valentines day, amazing sport trophies, and now, she's taking her GCSEs a few years early! She's meant to be my best friend, but I al...
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Anybody got a good story plot line?
Hi! I'd like to write a story for my friend who is turning 13 in a few months! She loves drama and romance and a bit of mystery...any good plot lines? Cadbury xx
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Friends Fallout: What do I do?
My friend text me the other day saying she didn't want to be friends any more. Then she said she did want to be friends. She has done this several times, and it has upset me a lot. This is the third time she has done this over ...
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How can I stop my sister playing horrible music ALL the time?
My sisters always playing horrible loud music in her bedroom. Even if I go all the way to the other end of the garden with ear muffs on, I can still hear her. All she ever cares about is her selfish self! I just want her to sto...
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Am I rubbish at everything?
There is one person in particular who says "meh it's ok i guess" To my story. I wrote a song and he/she said "meh I don't really like songs that repeat words like that and do the weird things with the syllables" And it really h...
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Anyone know any games to play at a sleepover?
I'm having a sleepover real soon, and I need some cool games to play. I'm scared that if I do a rubbish, boring sleepover then my friends won't like me! So please suggest some sort of game to play for 11-12 year olds! thanks!
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Party emergency!
My sister is having a party and she doesn't know what theme she should do it as. She is thinking of... Merlin party Luau (hawaiin party) Western party
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How long did girls have plaits in WW2?
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How long did boys where short trousers in WW2?
Help! I;m working on this history thing, and are school is closing down in, like, a week. I said I'd finish it before it closed, but that's 7 days! I need to know how log boys wore short trousers for! Was it til they were 18, 1...
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