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my top 15 best followers!!!!
ive had lots of follwers whos been voting polls comment questions follwing me but ive made a big desision who was my top 15 best followers!!!
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Baby Spike love moments
aww what a cute sight him running about like in 1999 when only at the age of 1 seems cute :)
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Spike racing club winners!
these 12 spikes all won trouphies! first place to 5th place gold 6th place to 10th place is silver 11-12th place bronze
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My 2 best boys
this story is a story about 2 charcter joe and harry both buddies forever
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My teenage freinds
This is a story about some kids some teens and some adults (even dogs) to describe about them then I make a personalty quiz about it!
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Brainquz stuff (trailer of brainquaz)
Guys I'm nearly on qfeast but I'm quite sorry to be here. I be making stuff on June 6th 18:00 (iPad time) good Luck guys!
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