No bragging but here details r:
Daughter of maybe lady aphrodite and hunter of lady artemis(i already am in the hunt but where & how do i say the pledge my sisters?) See More▼
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Do You Fit In The Hunters of Artemis? (girls only)
Hey! My fair mistress Artemis asked me to collect more girls in the Hunt! Take the quiz and have fun!
120 responses 43 by RaissaTheArtemisHunter
on September 07, 2016
If you wanna join the hunt,just go to this amazing quiz and join the hunt if you r a maiden and u totally think that boys(expect lord ares and lord apollo and the rest of the male olympians percy jason leo & frank)r annoying!Firstly,you can be immortal!u can also kill
monsters!Once u join the hunt u wont regret it!

Im not boasting!im really sincerely so
sry if u think that im boasting!
Yes,you're totally in
Yes,you're totally in
Welcome to the Hunt,sister. Take your bow and arrow and let's kill some monsters!
on September 07, 2016