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Who has a Wattpad?
Hey guys! So I have a Wattpad account that I have a story on. If you are a fan of my writing, you should check it our. I don't have that many followers on Wattpad, but I really want someone to read my story. I'm super proud...
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Have you ever been kissed? If so, please share your stories!
Have you ever kissed someone? I'm 15 and I haven't. Is that weird? Aghh. Advice? Maybe? I don't know.
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How dare you drop that thunthunthun!
I told you not to drop that thunthunthun, and you did. Lol, comment if you get the joke.
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Where are the geeks and the nerds?
I'm such a geek and a nerd, lol. So, where are all of my fellow geeks and nerds??
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Future dreams?
What our your dreams for the future? Anything from wanting to be an actress, to graduating college!
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Who is excited for Catching Fire?
Ahhhh! The Catching Fire movie comes out next month!! Who else is excited?!?
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Who reads Invisible?
Who reads my story Invisible? I just want to know who I need to thank for being such great supporters and loyal readers. Thanks you guys!
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Being a jerk, or being sweet?
So today on the bus my friends older brother was talking to me on and off. We've never talked before. Anyway. I heard my name and said "what?" And he says "that's why it's so hot. Because you're on the bus." I started laughi...
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Friendship Trouble- help?
So, me and my best friend have been BFFs since the third grade. It's been 6 years of great friendship, and I love her as if she was my sister. But lately, she's been really distant. She's always, I mean ALWAYS, in her iPhone...
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What does music mean to you?
To me, music is an escape. It seems that for every feeling, ever problem, and every emotion, there is a song. If I'm feeling happy, I play peppy pop music, when I'm sad I just listen to rock or alternative. I just love music...
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What has happened to Miley Cyrus?
Seriously. She has lost all class. I still remember her as Hannah Montana. Now she's singing about getting high in the bathroom and dancing like she's in a stripp club. And I get it, she can't be tamed and all that fun stuff...
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Why are people so disrespectful?
Ugh, it just ticks me off to know end when people just don't care and are ride to everyone. One of my dads friends son was over, and we (me, my friend, the guy, his sister, and my brothers) we were just talking. He started to ...
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Accomplishments/hopes for this school year?
What is something you want to accomplish this year? Academically, emotionally, physically, anything! Comment below:)
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When does school start ?
I go Monday:'( when does your school start?
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Fans of the Neighbourhood?
Who else loves the band, The Neighbourhood? I am In love with their music right now. Sweater Weather is my summer anthem. Well, that and Royals by Lorde. Please look up the Neighbourhood (and now that I think about it, Lorde.)
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Which book should I read?
I can't decided whether to read the Mortal Instruments, or reread Percy Jackson. I just saw the Sea of monsters and I want to revisit the books, but at the same time I want to read The Mortal Instruments.
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School dress code?
My schools dress code sucks. We aren't allowed to show shoulder. Like, whut? And if shorts are even a millimeter shorter than mid thigh, all hell breaks loose. I get not getting to wear booty shorts, and sleepless tops, no sa...
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Who is ready for school to start back?
I'm not. Seriously, where did my summer go?
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Who else has seen Mean Girls?
One of my most favorite movies ever. It's so fetch ;D
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Can anyone suggest a good computer virus fixer?
I have this virus on my computer and I really need to get rid of it. Can anyone suggest a good virus program (a FREE one) that works?! Please, it's driving me out if my mind.
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