Look what personality I've got! What about you?
Very flirty, pretty, cool
Very flirty, pretty, cool
You are Pheonix Matthews and 17. Your brother is Two-Bit and you have many sisters. Your boyfriend is mainly Dallas Winston...but you tend to cheat sometimes. Your best friend is Dani Randle. You are super flirty and just a little boy crazy. You were originally dating Tim Shepard but he was not a very nice boyfriend(Boyfriend? HA! More like his punching bag) But after you met Dallas Winston he sorta drew you in. Yeah maybe your a constant on and off relationship but, hey, who says you can't have more than one boyfriend.
Steve: Pheonix...She should be with me. ME
Sodapop: She is a very interesting person.
Dally: A great looking broad!
Johnny: She cares about me and I think its nice
Ponyboy: Secret crush...maybe
Two-bit: She's my sister so we fight...A LOT
Darry: I'm not sure I like her
on September 10, 2017