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Harry Potter romantic life quiz for girls
Want to know who you would fall in love with at Hogwarts? See your love life at Hogwarts in full detail from beginning to end.
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on May 11, 2017
Look what personality I've got! What about you? I like Harry But I would not have minded Ron!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
1ST YEAR: when u r on the train to Hogwarts u r asked by a boy if he could sit with u. u nod and he walks in. later, another boy asks if he could join 2. apparently everywhere else was full. u were all sorted into Gryffindor! u got 2 help them get the sorcerers stone.
2ND YEAR: u and Hermione r walking back from the library. she is looking around corners with a mirror when she goes still. u run 2 get a teacher but don't get there. when u wake up u r lying on the floor next 2 Ginny.
3RD YEAR: u and Harry go back in time 2 rescue Serious. u and Harry fight off dementors together.
4TH YEAR: when everyone thinks that Harry put his name in the cup, u stay loyally at his side. He takes u 2 the yule ball.. at the end of the night he tells u that he has always had a crush on u! u walk hand in hand back 2 the dormitories. before u run into the girl rooms u kiss Harry!
5TH YEAR: u and Harry run DA together. u also help break into the ministry
6TH YEAR: u r thinking that u love Harry. u were going 2 tell him but he left with Dumbledore. u waited until u were saying ur goodbyes when u told him. u started 2 walk away when he grabbed ur wrist and said "I love u 2." u kissed in front of everyone. when u were walking out of the station with ur parents, a big, wide boy tries 2 kiss u. u slug him and run away.
7TH YEAR: when u were at the Weasly's 4 the wedding, Harry tells u that it was Dudley who tried 2 kiss u. he starts 2 imitate him. when it gets 2 the part where u slugged him, he gets down on 1 knee and proposes. "(ur name) I love u. if u weren't in my life then I don't know what I would do. would u marry me." u nod and hug him. u hear an "aw" from everyone who was watching u. u r at Hogwarts helping Neville with the DA. when Harry shows up u know that the final battle is going 2 happen soon. u help Harry with the horocruxs. when he is battling Voldie u r taking on Bellatrix. they go down at the same time. he pulls u in 4 a kiss. u have 3 children and u r both auors. ur life is perfect.
on May 11, 2017
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