About AngelSion2000

  • I'm a teenager who loves reading (though I suck at Literature) and the arts. I like to dress up in a style I'd describe as dark chic (My friends think I'm goth. Don't notice me wearing colors within the black?). I'm in the higher level classes at school and am considered socially acceptable there, though I'm kind of distant. I like listening to rock music (Preferably My Chemical Romance and the All American Rejects) with my sister. Speaking of sisters, I have two of them and three brothers. I'm the youngest. I'm mostly of Filipino descent. My family and relatives think my "obsession" with my stuffed pig isn't warranted. I think they should suck it (You heard me). I'm mostly afraid of insects, drowning, and public humiliation. I have asthma, nearsightedness/astigmatism, hives, skinny, and I'm not very athletic. BTW, I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty, either. Otherwise, that's all that's really wrong with me. I'm often considered sarcastic, laid back, distant, and introverted (Though I like to hang outside in the fresh air. Ironic?). Yet kind, trustworthy, smart, and creative. I hope you learned enough about me. See ya around!
  • Gender Female
  • Born on October 03, 2000
  • Lives in United States
  • High School Beach Park Middle School
  • Joined Qfeast on January 12, 2014