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Would Niall like you and maybe date you?
So this is not my style of quiz but I thought of doing one since they're so cool. So my friend, Niall is wondering if he'll ever find a girl so I told him to make this quiz with me and he was happy too. Weren't you Niall? Nial...
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on December 14, 2014
Look what personality I've got! What about you?
Niall: I like food (and you!)
Niall: I like food (and you!)
So Niall how'd you find her.
Niall: She's really awesome and she loves food too. *Blushes*
Ooh is my Nialler blushing?
Niall: No I'm not. I just kinda like her.... *blushes harder*
That's great cause she's reading this.
Niall: What? *Hides face* I'm hungry!
Don't change the subject, we've just been to Nandos!
on December 14, 2014