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What time is it right now where you live?
i just want to know
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are u a BOY or a GIRL?
are you?
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what would you do if you were the only thing stopping your friend from dying?
i really need advice rn!!
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How many news feed/notifications do you log on to in the morning?
the most ive woken up to it 1,259 news feed and 83 notifs
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how would you react if i died?
i... i just need some support right now.
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What is your favorite Star Wars animal?
what is your favorite animal? Is it a Loth-Wolf? A Porg? Tell ME!
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What was the best day of your life in 2019?
what was the best day of your life in 2019? this could be personal or just a good day
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is there any way to change the notification noise?
i'm having trouble dealing with it. the tapping glass hurts my ears and i NEED a way to change it.
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