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Going Insane
Nancy had a hard life. She had almost everything she wanted, but she just wasn't happy. Something was missing in her life... She needed it. She'd give anything to have it. What is it? Love. With it or without it, she's going in...
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A Diary to remember
If found please return to (@Alexlean) Yeah thats right. NO PEEKS! (<).(>)
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War and Peace.
This is a story about a girl she is very beautiful she is in a fighting team called Jaillins she isn't in a war yet.Find out more by reading! By:Alexlean
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Bullies (1)
This is something I came up with when I saw some other girls thank you!
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Fears in the night
Emily is just 18 and is going through some trouble she finds out shes stuck and Harry and her fall in love!
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