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Underrated Qfeasters
I’ve been on Qfeast for far too long to allow people to be underrated and unnoticed. I’ll post an active Qfeaster every week with things about them that make interesting based on my opinion. If you want me to take down a chapte...
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Sentimental Songs
I asked people on a post to recommend me songs that they have a strong attachment to in order to get to know that person a bit better. With their permission, I’m making a chapter about them (if I know them well enough), two son...
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The Story of Jay the Gay
this is just basically about my sexuality and how i came to terms with it. read it or don’t, i just wanted to feel able to share some of my experiences. some TWs included.
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ToS Plot Ideas
so, uh. i really wanna write a fanfiction for two ship from ToS (don't ask, i just think they're cute)
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Jeef teh killr x reader
im doing this so i can become immortal and grant wishes for people who are chaotic evil
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