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Wtf? What's going on?
3 / 1 profile questionby MarichatPuns
I need 161,296 reputation points for ads pls
HELP! why is jay the cutest worm in the world
enjoy this high quality pic of jay
4 / 5 by SneeSnee
Taking lint applications
Jay just went into debt with lint so I need to get lint for her Any color is appreciated thnx
1 / 1 by MarichatPuns
Why is everyone soo addicted 2 One Direction??!!
Why?? I mean, i like them, they're okay. BUT WHY IZ ABOUT 75% OF THE PLANENT SO ADDICTED 2 THEM??!! THEY AREN'T ALL THAT!! Also, Why doez it make Louis Sexy Just becuz he likez Carrotz??!! I Like Carrotz, doez that make me sexy...
21 / 53 by DJearworm
WheN will YoU LearN?!
That your consequences have actions!
5 / 3 by Hurrivoi
If you could have any name in the world, what would it be?
for me, it'd probably be mack, melody/mel, duckie, joey, rowan, reese, corey, cooper, river, emerson, zion, or nico
5 / 0 by SneeSnee
Do you believe in Santa Clause?
31 / 34 by IrelynnRocksYeah
What is the Meaning of Life?
The Ultimate Question! Please don't answer 42, that's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in it.
30 / 24 by wolfness
Who is a Steven King fan???
9 / 3 by XxChristoferDrewsWifexX
Riddle Number Twelve
Police chief Carl got a call from a man who claimed to be the victim of a crime. The man said, "I was just sitting on a park bench, minding my own business, when this guy came up and snatched my wallet! I couldn't see his face,...
5 / 0 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Favourite Vocaloid song?
I got into Vocaloid a few months ago and want to know some good songs, what's your favourite? Mine is Dancing Samurai by Gakupo :P
6 / 1 by Sarbar1010
Who do you look up to on qfeast?
Just say who you look up to. :P
14 / 7 by Princess_Twilight
Favorite mlp character?
Who's your fave. Mine obviously is Twilight.
5 / 0 profile questionby Princess_Twilight
What if You Became Your Favorite Animal?
What if you became your favorite animal? What would you be? What would you be? How'd you surive?
9 / 2 by MysticalScribbles
Is Justin Bieber hot?
127 / 386 by mscutie2020
Ban the user below you for a reason that makes no sense.
You WON'T really get banned! It's just for fun!
8 / 0 profile questionby PlzStopFollowingMeThisAccountIsNotInUseThxBby
What Would You Do If You Saw A Person Running After You With A Knife?
I don't know what I'd do so I want to see what people would do! Hopefully you come up with good answers!
18 / 8 by Oshsee
What's your most searched thing on google?
Mine's derp... I have no idea why...
27 / 21 by Foxy_The_Amazing_Pirate_Fox