Warrior Cats Questions

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Do you like warrior cats?
The books
28 / 26 by Firestar101
Do you know the ending of warrior cats?
So after Firestar died what happened?
6 / 1 by PowerOfTheWarrior
Which Warriors cats arc is the best?
What are your Favorite Warrior Cats names?
I liked Raven tale, Cloud heart/ Cloud kit, Ash fire (dark cat with red eyes), Golden strike and Ember stripe.
0 / 0 by Janjapaw
What are some good Warrior Cats names?
I might start a fanfiction with Warriors, so I need name ideas! Please include gender and looks.
12 / 4 by MissMerlin
Warrior Cats: Do you think Lilywhisker was the one who killed Badgerfang?
An idea suddenly came to me: What If the reason Lilywhisker was in the Dark Forest was because she was the cat that killed Badgerfang? Well, Su claims that Lilywhisker went to the Dark Forest because she couldn't accept her fa...
1 / 1 by dragonrider789
do you know what I coiuld use as names of warrior cats?
if you do, It can be a kit, an apprentice, a warrior... also tell me the pelt color. thank you.
5 / 1 by Lilystar04
I'm trying to create a Warrior Cats roleplaying game, but I don't know where to start.  Can anyone offer help?
I'm trying to create a Warrior Cats roleplaying game, but I don't know where to start. I still need a good, free website to create it with, and I need a team of admins as well, specially people with experience doing this.
3 / 0 by DipperPinesShades
Why do cats purr?
I've always wanted to know why cats purr. I've heard it's because they're in a good mood or very nervous. But why is that?
6 / 0 by silvershard
Why are cats smart?
I wanted to know why cats are smart because I have 3. Also your smart answers!
11 / 14 by Oshsee
Why do cats like boxes?
10 / 1 by faceme
Is catnip safe for cats?
I read somewhere that catnip is bad for cats and then people say that it's good for them. I'm not sure, i wanna get catnip for my cat, but im confused!
5 / 0 by Insane_feline
Do you like cats or dogs?
Dogs and cats are both popular but I like the kind, caring, smart, athletic, and loyal dog bets. I think cats are mean lazy and bossy and that they only care for themselves. What are your thoughts?
4 / 0 by Redpandaddaj
Warrior cat name ideas? (1)
I'm writing a series about warrior cats. I need names... Here are the cats I need names for: Strikepaw- (Strikefur?) ginger tabby she-cat, mean and sassy Toadpaw- (Toadfang?) muscular brown tom (strikepaw's brother), mean and ...
14 / 11 by Chenj999
Warrior cat name ideas?
I'm now writing a new story called "Destiny of the Stars", and I need characters and names, please! I NEED HELP WITH THIS! I need: -Warriors -Queens -Kits -Elders Also, if you have a character you want to add: Name: Descri...
22 / 0 by Chenj999
Cats vs Dogs! witch is better?
come on tell us please pick cats but dogs are mutts like gale!
21 / 11 by Megan3636
dogs vs cats - Who is the best?
I think dogs all the way but what about you? You can only write one answer.
15 / 20 by kellygirl2
guys do u like cats or dogs
cats or dogs?! please comment bellow to tell me and i hope most of u say CATS. plz say that my loyal warriors :D
10 / 5 by XxredfeatherxX
Do you think cats are smart?
I hear lots of people saying cats are not smart but what do you think? I think they are!
17 / 42 by muffmuff40
What is worrier cats is all about?
I just wanna know, it seems awesome.
9 / 13 by pikachukitty