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Warrior Cats Concept Ideas - Faded Cats.
So I was looking into theories about Fading away in the Warrior cats series like; They're a 2nd Starclan, They don't exist anymore etc. But I wasn't satisfied with any of them, so I was like "I'll just make one of my own!". And...
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Warrior Cats Name Generator
Very easy way to get your Clan name for roleplay, fanfiction and random Warriors chat.
86 reads 32 readers 8 by DaNerdBird
War of the Clans- Warrior Cats
I've taken this out of my fanfic book to write properly, hope you enjoy! I changed the random character to my oc as well
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How To Make: A Warrior Cats OC
Today, I'll tell you how to make a good warrior cats OC! Tell me if you want more "How To's" and I'll make more of which how to you want! Plus I'll give a shoutout to whoever suggests anything!
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Snaill
What warrior cat are you? (Made-up cats)
This will show you what cat you will be from Warriors! These are all made up cats that depend on your name. I got the idea off of Lapis_Lazuli.
45 reads 8 readers 9 by Joons12inch
Warrior Cats: Brotherhood of Hunting.
This story is based on the Warrior Cats series, which it tells the tale of a whole new culture Cats. Hollypaw, Jaypaw and Lionpaw are on a Journey to find the mysterious Tribe of rushing Water and then suddenly run into anothe...
29 reads 6 readers 3 by dragonrider789
Warrior Cats: Snowkit's fall. *Preview*
This is a quick preview of a story I'm working on. A what if story, asking "What if Snowkit survived the hawk attack?".
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Warrior Cats: Snowkit's Fall Part 3.
The two chapters of my story; Snowkit's fall. A what if, looking at would happen if Snowkit had lived. If you want to read from the start, you can find them on my profile. Hope you enjoy it!
6 reads 4 readers 0 by dragonrider789
Warrior cats: Snowkit's fall part 4.
Part 4, of a what-if story, answering the question "What if Snowkit had surived the hawk attack?". (You can find the other parts by clicking on my avatar and there on my home page.)
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Warrior Cats: What if Hollyleaf was discovered?
In Sunrise, Leafpool managed to find a scrap of black fur on Ashfur's body. She hid it away so no one could discover the truth. But what if someone managed to find it, what if Firestar saw it? And this story is here to tell you...
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warrior cats my least favorite thing (no hate please)
Hey guys! I know I've been taking a break on warrior cats forestclan for a while and I'm sorry but ever since i have been planning to.create a new oc and been getting more into homestuck and thinking about future chapters for a...
19 reads 19 readers 1 by Your_Average_Fangirl
Warrior Cats || Burning Stars || Book One || Stepping Stones
For generations, four clans ruled. They shared four different terrains: AshClan ruled the dead forest with the hard rock ground, MarshClan ruled the marshy area, DawnClan ruled the oak forest with its soft grass, and ShadeClan...
25 reads 9 readers 1 by SoulOfTheWolves_Inactive
Warrior Cats: What if Mapleshade's kits lived Part 6.
We all know her tragic story; exiled, betrayed, corrupted and thrown into the Dark Forest. But what if things had been different? If you want to read the other parts you can find it on my home page.
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Elemental Cats
The Elementals are in big trouble, especially the 'useless' ones. Magic is planning to throw them back to their former home.
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The Cats' Journey.
Starclan sends some cats a sign...and they must go on an journey. But to where? And why? And how?...
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Levi and his cats
Meow, meow Meow! Levi is trying to find Eren. Eren is in the stables. Eren hears noise. Cat? Yup! Kitty 🐱
13 reads 9 readers 1 by Losing_sleep_165
Cats can be friends too.
Everybody says,"Dogs are a mans bestfriend." But nah,any animal can be. If you have an animal who is loyal and always by your side, THEY are the true bestfreind in your life.
9 reads 7 readers 7 by UsernameTaken
The Battle of the Cats and Dogs
For a long time, a pack of wild dogs and a colony of feral cats have lived in peace in different areas. As their groups grow, they need more territory. Eventually they run into each other and have a massive battle...
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