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Who Else Loves Twilight?
I LOoooveeEE TiwightT!
1 / 0 by Number1_Twilight_Fan
Why do people like Twilight?
It's not that interesting, and Bella is just plain dumb! (No offense to you Twilight fans out there! :)
20 / 10 by Ravenclaw3243
Why Do So Many People Even Like Twilight?
It's entirely about how important it is to have a sparkling fairy boyfriend! Besides for those of you who say J.K. Rowling copied Harry Potter: Harry Potter came out in 1997! Twilight came out in 2005! If anything Stephanie Mey...
6 / 1 by MockingjayDistrict
THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: Harry Potter or Twilight?
I definitely prefer Harry Potter, and I think most people do, but I'd like to see again, overall, which has more fans.
28 / 64 by swageyamatobiyolo
what is better harry potter or twilight?
Which is better Maximum Ride or Twilight?
My siblings and I fight about this ALL THE TIME. I honestly think it's Maximum Ride. What do you think?
14 / 9 by EMOpanda
What do you think of the Twilight Saga?
Do you love it? Do you think it's a messed up series? Do you hate it? Just wondering:)
25 / 36 by TheDoctorsAwesomestAssistant
Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent?
Which is your fav? Which is ur least fav?
5 / 0 by Caligurl01
Why do people compare harry potter to twilight? Its not even in the same genre!
why do people compare harry potter to twilight and dont give me any sh!t about harry potter being better because they r not even in the same genre! so compare twilight to other shows similar dont compare it to something that is...
3 / 2 by MEGS0316
What do you prefer and why twilight or Harry potter
which movie is the best hunger games or twilight or harry potter?
tell me which is the best
17 / 12 by Malihathenumberonebff
Who likes Kristen Stewart, the Actress (Bella of Twilight)
Twilight, SnowWhite and the Huntsman, etc ... I don't like her. She never has any facial expression even though her character, Bella, in Twilight is supposed to not have a poker face at all!
12 / 32 by Nobody.07