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Twilight Parody
Does It Really Need An Explanation? Apparently It Needs A Very Long Explanation...
152 reads 49 readers 18 by Nobody.07
Wolves of Twilight
Kyan is a 16 year old boy, who is known as a thief. He travels the world, but always ends up in prison... He escaped every time, but one of his escapes became a dream. But, he was attacked by a bunch of orks in the middle of a ...
62 reads 14 readers 10 by K8ZELDA
Harry Potter/ Twilight Chatroom
The Harry Potter and Twilight characters come together and meet on an awesome chatroom!!!!
50 reads 25 readers 3 by peace_out
whow twilight got her wings
She went to pinkie rarity aj rainbows flutters to adk hoew to get her wing s
8 reads 8 readers 2 by luciakaniowska