One Direction Questions

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What do you think of One Direction?
Hey guys, I just wanna know if you like 1D or don't. Pls tell me in the comments below! :)
9 / 16 by OneDirection4Ever
teen beach movie or one direction
do you like or love yeen beach movie or one direction
8 / 23 by Joeylover11
Am I Obsessed with one direction?
I have 18 posters of them. I talk about them all the time. Do you think I am obsessed?
14 / 14 by directioner.horan
Who is ur fave in one direction?
out of niall, zayn, harry, liam, or louis? my fave is niall, but wat bout u ppls?
31 / 29 by singer4eva
One direction or justin beiber??
witch one?
143 / 565 by kindsoul
Favorite one direction song
I wanna know wut ur favorite one direction song from up all night mine is I wish just tell me urs
15 / 5 by Emoworld
Who is the best one direction guy?
Harry Styles(dibs!) Zayn Malik Loius Tomilson Liam Payne Niall Horan Please answer
18 / 53 by GlowingAndFading
who's your favorite one direction?
is it Liam,Louis, Niall, Zayn, or Harry!! :)
11 / 3 by Assassin
whats your favorite one direction song?
which one from any album
6 / 0 by Assassin
You think One Direction is a good band?
You guys actually think One Direction is a good British band? Niggahs, please. Bring Me the Horizon would mop the floor with those faggehts.
18 / 47 by Dresden
which is your favourite one direction member?
Who is ur fav 1d member. Do u like niall, louis, zayn, harry or liam.
10 / 2 by Malihathenumberonebff
Which os your fav One direction boy
What boy do youmostly love on one directon
11 / 11 by nicolecharm
Which one Taylor Swift or 1 direction
if you dont like either please just choose. PLEASE DONT SAY OTHER BANDS/SINGERS
11 / 12 by ocnw1
which your fave from one direction
whos your fave guy from one direction? please follow me!
17 / 10 by princesspunk89
Did you hear that Zayn Malik left One Direction?
I'm really sad about that. Who do you think is next to leave? I think Louis or Niall are next.
7 / 14 by girly43
What One Direction guy would you like to meet?
If you could meet with one of the guys from One Direction who would it be and why? Where would you meet them?
13 / 6 by JKRowling
What's your fave one direction song?
yeah just choose ur fave 1D song!
24 / 37 by singer4eva
How long has One Direction been a band?
Why is everyone soo addicted 2 One Direction??!!
Why?? I mean, i like them, they're okay. BUT WHY IZ ABOUT 75% OF THE PLANENT SO ADDICTED 2 THEM??!! THEY AREN'T ALL THAT!! Also, Why doez it make Louis Sexy Just becuz he likez Carrotz??!! I Like Carrotz, doez that make me sexy...
19 / 53 by DJearworm
how do you get one directions phone numbers?!
I really want to know cuz I jus wanna ask them stuff and talk to them
2 / 1 by pewdiepie_da_great