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Just My Little Ray Of Sunshine||BXB||
He's just so perfect. His soft pink lips. His messy dyed blue hair. His dull blue eyes, that just had that sparkle that could make you smile. His goofy but shy smile that made people's hearts melt. He soft pale skin with his na...
10 reads 5 readers 0 by FlowersAndBruies
Little Red
This is a spin on Little Red Riding Hood, that I wrote myself. And I would be very grateful if you could respect that I wrote it and don't want anyone to steal it. I mean I wouldn't steal your story! Enjoy!
45 reads 13 readers 5 by WinterJo
ben's little glich
You are my friend online and have never met me in real life until you come to stay with me and fall in love with Ben but run into some drama on the way~
107 reads 41 readers 3 by dark_century
A Little Pasta
A little girl had found her way into the mansion of the Creppypasta's.
248 reads 28 readers 17 by GoHappy
Little Mix - Wings
I just listened to Wings by Little Mix and decided to post the lyrics! Pretend the picture is reading to you!
6 reads 6 readers 1 by Echo101
TMNT - Little Venus
Short stories with Lil Vee (the first 2 were made awhile longer than the others)
35 reads 11 readers 0 by Deviant_lover
A Little Bit of...
A little bit of normal... A little bit of crazy... A little bit of Gjinka... A little bit of forest... A little bit of magic! Hai! This is the book that I'm adding y'all's OCs from the question "Volunteers" (I'm always open for...
40 reads 7 readers 11 by Kinnare
Sweet little romance
This is the story of all the Sonic couples I ship <3 Every chapter represents a couple :) Couples : Sonic x Amy Silver x Blaze Shadow x Maria (hedgehog) Tails x Cosmo Knuckles x Rouge You don't like these couples? So don't rea...
90 reads 42 readers 10 by Milea
Little Miss Innocent
Harry is being restricted from dating his best mates', Louis Tomlinson's younger sister Rylee. Harry goes behind his back and finds a way to date her. Does Louis catch on to his little game?
11 reads 10 readers 0 by HarrysQueen
Little Lies and Secrets
Pippin and Emmy have just recently quit their jobs and have returned to hunting full time again. They happily look for any excuse to join the Winchester brothers and their Angel, Castiel, on the hunt for a witch that seems to h...
7 reads 3 readers 0 by PrayToCastiel
Daddy's Little Girl
When Jeff returns from a killing spree, he saves a little girl from her father, and takes her home as his own kid.
22 reads 21 readers 10 by Silent_Ivy
my pomes
poems about my life. enjoy them as much ad i enjoyed writing them. please don't hate
39 reads 11 readers 3 by emochick100
My Life (6)
This is a story about my life marrying a really hot guy named Damon Salvatore. Damon Salvatore- Blue eyes,brown/black hair, cute smile and really really cute and hot Katerina Green- brown long wavy hair, brown eyes, cute smile...
15 reads 10 readers 2 by Care_Forbes
My Rants
Okay, so I have an awful lot of rants, and nobody in real life ever listens to them, so I made a book of rants so you can read them! I will update this regularly, because I always have something to rant about, so don't forget t...
475 reads 55 readers 102 by McDermottsAngel
My heart
this story is about me and Kevin about Valentine's day,hope you will like it.please comment and vote.
23 reads 10 readers 2 by kindperson
My dream
Well, i had a weird dream that a roleplay i did on a certain game came to life and me and my friends were the characters. So here you go. This is the roleplay.
16 reads 10 readers 9 by Coveryoureyes
My Tale..
I would not reccommend this... If you are reading this... I would probably go do something else... If you really want to read this... Continue..
41 reads 25 readers 10 by yeeet
My songs!
I have wrote some songs my self, some people liked it so I wrote more.please check it out... and please comment
36 reads 14 readers 2 by kindperson
The little girl in the red dress
it is about how a little girl wanted some ice cream that was in the basement freezer. it turned out that she wanted more.
23 reads 19 readers 5 by kishinsouleater24