Hunger Games Questions

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Do you like hunger games?
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do u like the Hunger Games?
the Hunger Games is a really cool book by susan collins.
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who loves the hunger games!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i LOVE the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best books EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
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Divergent or Hunger Games? Why?
Hunger Games. (Divergent has to much romance :-&)
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Is the Hunger Games worth reading?
I just want your opinion if I should read it or not.
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Which hunger games book is better?
I am doing this project at school and I need help finding information and need to know what you think.
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Who loves the hunger games????
Hey! I have only read the first hunger games book (but im totally in love with it) can you guys give me a rating out of ten for the movie and the other 2 hunger games books? Thanks -horsewave (whos your fave character? Mines K...
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Are you a true Hunger Games Fan?
Have you read the books and seen the movie? If so you are
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In the Hunger Games Does Prim Die?
I read part of Mockingjay but it got so sad I stopped. My friend told me Prim dies. Does she?
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Minecraft hunger games (HELP ME!)
I'm terrible at it! do you know why?
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Create Hunger Games Characters!!
I will make a simulation Hunger Games story, but you create the characters!! Make up some tributes, prep team, game makers, and family/friends for me to use, use the following. Please be creative and realistic. DO NOT BASE THES...
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Why did you read The Hunger Games?
I was walking i a mall after buying some new shoes (i rarely go in malls though) and I past by a book store, naturally I was instantly drawn by the smell and all the Ideas and stories that were pouring out, waiting to be freed....
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What's better? Hunger Games or Divergent?
I like both, but I wanna know which you like better. And please no hate comments because someone likes it and you may not.
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Are You obsessed with The Hunger Games like me?
Yes,No or just kind of? I don't know you tell me!!
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Which is your favorite Hunger Games weapon(s)?
Which weapon(s) would you use in the Hunger Games? I would use a (throwing) knife and probably a bow and arrow.
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Which Is Better- Harry Potter Or The Hunger Games
Please let me know which book you like better, The Hunger Games or Harry Potter because i think these books are both amazing but i dont know which one i liked better so i want your opinions!
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Submit your hunger games character!
Submit your hunger games character to my story! There will be more then 1 Victor! You may want to include Name and last name(optional last name) District: Gender: Weapon of choice: Skill: Reaped/volunteered: Strengths: Weaknes...
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Who Is The Best Hunger Games Character???
Who's ur favorite Hunger Games character?