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Hunger Games song
HEHEHEH!! Read please!! i totally love doing this now :D hope you like! enjoy! whatever!
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1st hunger games
before the 74th there must of been a first, this is the story of how it all began I've added more to the first chapter...
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Hunger games in my eyes!
This is what my hunger games whould be like!!!! And there is a new main charater named Susan!
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The 25th Hunger Games
The story of the Hunger Games through the District 12 girls' point of view.
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1st hunger games (new)
i do not own any of the hunger games and this is just a story about the first hunger games enjoy and don't forget to comment on what you thought of it, it helps me a lot!!
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AKB0048 Hunger Games
The Hunger Games for AKB0048! 24 chosen (12 Successors and 12 Trainees), but which will emerge as our sole survivor?
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Ruby's Hunger Games
In this fanfic prequel to the Hunger Games, follow Ruby, District 1's idiot tribute, in her fight for survival in the 70th Games.
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If i was in the hunger games i would...
this story will be about what i would do if i was reaped for the hunger games and you have to read to see if i will live or be killed by the other tributes
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SHORT Remake of the Hunger Games!!
Featuring guest stars Katniss and Peeta Mellark. This is as if they rebels had lost the war, and the Games continued. And as punishment, Katniss and Peeta have to mentor every D. 12 tribute. It is the 4th Quarter Quell and ther...
158 reads 27 readers 12
The Hunger Games: Sophie Roberts
This is the story about the annual 34th Hunger Games! You will travel with the 14 year old girl, Sophie Roberts.
22 reads 11 readers 9
The Hunger Games - Will YOU Survive?
Okay, you have been picked for the HUNGER GAMES!! You can choose what you do, what weapon you take and so on. Have fun and be careful!
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The after effects of the hunger games
A little girl gets a home and a family when she needs them the most. though she has done wrong in the past can she ever change her ways for the future.
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the after effects of the hunger games (1)
though she has been on her own ever scene the bombing of her home she has survived. but not knowing how much more she can take she gives up her live of crime. she gets the family she has needed and want for far too long. can an...
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It's about Rue winning the hunger games instead of Katniss and Peeta. She goes to district 12 to visit Katniss's family. She meets Prim and becomes Friends with her. (I'm thinking of doing a series... Idk!) PS: no bad commen...
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Percy Jackson Vs Harry Potter in... The Hunger Games!
I thought it would be a good idea to take the three best book series in the world (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games) and merge them into one. So, the result was characters from Percy Jackson and Harry Potter co...
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Warning: This story is about Cannibalism and yes, it is NOT for people to read under the age of 13, but it's not all bad when you read it haha. If you have a weak stomach, don't read this.
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the games
just a story about the hunger games enjoy and comment please read bye
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The Capitol Games
After the Revolution, it was decided there would be a Hunger Games with Capitol Children. Dawn Moonstone is one of the tributes for the first Capitol Hunger Games. Will she survive?
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