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Harry Potter - New movie?!
I heard that theres going to be a another Harry Potter movie! But I'm not sure if its true and i'm soooooo excited! If you know its true please tell me so i wont be disappointed. :) Thanks. :)
15 / 4 by kittykat12578
Favorite Harry Potter Book?
4 / 1 by SteampunkCharm
Harry Potter Fanfiction Ideas!
I want to write a Harry Potter fanfiction now. But I don't have any ideas. It needs to be one I can turn into a novel-length fic, so 100,000+ words. I would like it to be set in the Marauders era, but I don't really mind. NO OC...
3 / 3 by SlytherinSerpent
Why do you love Harry Potter?
:) There's lots of reasons, let's see how many we can get! :D
15 / 1 by swageyamatobiyolo
who is writer of harry potter
18 / 38 by anuragkafle
Do you read the Harry Potter Books?
12 / 4 by BYUcheerleader
Which harry potter movie is best
What do you think of Harry Potter?
i love harry potter, how do you feel about it?
7 / 0 by Hogwarts_Huntress
what is your harry potter wand?
4 / 0 by luckycat777
Make up harry potter characters
Feel free to make up any Harry Potter character they can have a special power, just be normal, or be evil. Do whatever you want.
2 / 0 by Broken_soul
Witch is better Harry potter V.S twiligt
Witch is better?
6 / 7 by Sarah_ann
Harry Potter riddle can you solve it?
"What is the name of someone who lives in discise and tells nought but lies? What is the middle or middle and end of end? Last tell me what sound is often heard for a hard to find word? The answer is : What creature would you n...
23 / 5 by Thehost
THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: Harry Potter or Twilight?
I definitely prefer Harry Potter, and I think most people do, but I'd like to see again, overall, which has more fans.
28 / 64 by swageyamatobiyolo
Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?
Seriously, who? Mine is...Ginny!
5 / 0 by Willatree
Which is the best Harry Potter book/movie?
what is better harry potter or twilight?
Harry potter queastion that I always wondered
If Voldemort can tell whenever someone is lieing, how come he can't tell Narcissa Malfoy is just saying Harry is dead (in the deathly Hallows) just to get inside hogwarts to see Draco?
5 / 0 by cgkittymew
Should I watch the 7th Harry Potter movie?
11 / 6 by HermioneGranger24
What Harry Potter Couple Do You Ship?
I ship Luna and Neville.
5 / 1 by Hogwarts_Huntress