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Fnaf or coke?
I love fnaf and I love coke! Which one should I choose?
12 / 9 by AlexisDuane
What is Fnaf?
I know it has a bear, fox, duck, and bunny. But I hear there are more. Is this a game or book series, or something, I don't know.
12 / 23 by BauxLuvy
Is fnaf a good game?
Tell me yes or no if no, I will foucus more on other games,if yes,then I will stay like this!
14 / 11 by Justi
Do You Have any FNaF OCs?
I have a lot... and I also have waay too much spare time on my hands.
11 / 0 by Adderstar
Whats Your Fav FNAF Song
26 / 0 by NikkiDaEevee24
Who here likes FNAF? I know I do!
Okay, I'm not one for horror, but I LOVE Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2. I don't know why, but it's just facinating to me! Your thoughts?
20 / 7 by SillyPantsJackson
Which FNAF song is your favourite
Which of the FNAF song do love the most
25 / 5 by Lilly_Nightshade
Has anyone beat 5th night of FNAF 3
Please I need help. I have tried and tried to pass it but I keep dying by 4am
4 / 0 by MelJerboa
Favourite FNaF Character?
Eh, look at the fanart of me!
10 / 2 by yeeet
What do YOU want FNaF world to be?
Scott already confirmed its not a horror, but an RPG! But if it wasn't a rpg, what would you want it to be? -Give plot -Characters that are gonna be in it -New name for the game (Optional)
4 / 0 by story.writer
What is your favorite FNAF song?
12 / 9 by Glutin_The_Yokai
Can Anyone Tell Me what FNAF is?
8 / 5 by unaveragekpopstan
Do you want FNAF to be a anime/manga?
80 / 279 by NikkiDaEevee24
Who's your fav fnAF charater?
Who's your fav FNAF charater btw it's from my old acc to.
6 / 0 by HarpyShades5
Are You Excited For FNAF World?
After he said it was going to come out Halloween in 2015 but sent out a troll game, FNAF World will be a game where you fight enemies. So are you excited for this RPG?!
6 / 0 by NikkiDaEevee24
What's your favorite FNAF song? (:3)
Please comment!
12 / 3 by HarpyShades5
What's your favorite FNAF ship?
What's your favorite FNAF ship? Comment down below!
7 / 0 by HarpyShades5
what did you think of fnaf world ?
10 / 1 by White_Rose
whats your favrite fnaf charater?
Who is your favorite FNAF character?
Which of the Five Nights at Freddy's characters is your favorite?
10 / 2 by TeamFoxface