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Fnaf or coke?
I love fnaf and I love coke! Which one should I choose?
13 / 9 by AlexisDuane
What is Fnaf?
I know it has a bear, fox, duck, and bunny. But I hear there are more. Is this a game or book series, or something, I don't know.
14 / 28 by BauxLuvy
Is fnaf a good game?
Tell me yes or no if no, I will foucus more on other games,if yes,then I will stay like this!
15 / 8 by Justi
Do You Have any FNaF OCs?
I have a lot... and I also have waay too much spare time on my hands.
12 / 0 by Adderstar
Whats Your Fav FNAF Song
26 / 0 by NikkiDaEevee24
Who here likes FNAF? I know I do!
Okay, I'm not one for horror, but I LOVE Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2. I don't know why, but it's just facinating to me! Your thoughts?
21 / 7 by SillyPantsJackson
Has anyone beat 5th night of FNAF 3
Please I need help. I have tried and tried to pass it but I keep dying by 4am
4 / 0 by MelJerboa
Favourite FNaF Character?
Eh, look at the fanart of me!
10 / 2 by yeeet
What do YOU want FNaF world to be?
Scott already confirmed its not a horror, but an RPG! But if it wasn't a rpg, what would you want it to be? -Give plot -Characters that are gonna be in it -New name for the game (Optional)
4 / 0 by story.writer
What is your favorite FNAF song?
11 / 8 by Taki_the_Manokit
Can Anyone Tell Me what FNAF is?
Do you want FNAF to be a anime/manga?
84 / 278 by NikkiDaEevee24
Who's your fav fnAF charater?
Who's your fav FNAF charater btw it's from my old acc to.
6 / 0 by HarpyShades5
Are You Excited For FNAF World?
After he said it was going to come out Halloween in 2015 but sent out a troll game, FNAF World will be a game where you fight enemies. So are you excited for this RPG?!
6 / 0 by NikkiDaEevee24
What's your favorite FNAF song? (:3)
Please comment!
12 / 3 by HarpyShades5
What's your favorite FNAF ship?
What's your favorite FNAF ship? Comment down below!
7 / 0 by HarpyShades5
what did you think of fnaf world ?
10 / 1 by villainous_Hero
whats your favrite fnaf charater?
What fnaf character do you mostly get on any fnaf quiz?
Just respond with whatever fnaf character you got the most out of as many fnaf quizzes you took.
1 / 0 by GOLDENFREDDY198726
Favorite fnaf song or custom fnaf song like one night at flumptys
Hey look he title says it
2 / 2 by Jason_the_hedgehog