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This is a bunch of songs i like so i named it FNAF because the first one is the living tombstone
267 reads 79 readers 25 by EyelessIngrid
Fnaf songs!
This will be filled with all my favorite fnaf songs and possibly a few of others who like fnaf so enjoy!
85 reads 29 readers 6 by Rarely
FNaF songs! (1)
If I didn't sang one you like, comment below please! I will search up the lyrics and place them down.
84 reads 26 readers 13 by Lucy_Heartfilia
Brandy (FNaF)
Ever watch those videos by Purple Guy? Well I made a story for you to enjoy then. I noticed this was popular on other apps maybe just not as much on QFeast. But I bet some of you would have interest. Plus art NOT by me. (WARNIN...
97 reads 21 readers 0 by Lucy_Heartfilia
Fnaf Lyrics
Please in comment wright a FnaF lyrics that you want i add. Have a super amazing day!
45 reads 20 readers 2 by GitGudFnaF
My FNaF Theories
Just me and my brother's theories on Five Nights at Freddy's 1 & 2 Enjoy!
135 reads 45 readers 10 by GirlsDeMo
My fnaf boyfriend
Just my fnaf boyfriend and he is so cute i love him his name is Jeremy...
21 reads 20 readers 3 by PenguinMcGuffin
Lots of Fun [[Fnaf]]
Mike Schmidt was a regular 10-year-old,playing at Freddy's like all the other children,until,a horrible experience involving a Purple Guy changes Mike's liking for Freddy's,until he was forced to get a job there and ran into. ....
9 reads 8 readers 1 by Little.physcho
Fnaf: Their Story
What has happened throughout the years of 1983 to the year that ended the loving place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? What's the story behind the mysteries of those past places? Well no one knows but in this story I'll be ...
70 reads 19 readers 2 by Rarely
FNAF songs such a fan
FNAF songs I love FNAF and I'm making this book for awesome songs tell me more songs in the comments me peeps
16 reads 15 readers 6 by ArtGoddess
FNAF- Partnershifts
An AU of Five Nights at Freddy's. Rett is the Purple Guy and Asher is the new OC in the series. It takes place between FNAF 1-2. Where the new animatronics are still being made.
23 reads 7 readers 0 by AsherGunn
Fnaf Bite Of 87' Theory! ( And more! )
So everyone has been saying the same thing. Foxy caused the bite of 87' for this this and that reason. So i am here to give a much different theory that has a good amount of evidence to back it up. Enjoy!
230 reads 54 readers 16 by xxredfeatherx
Mandopony FNAF Song lyrics!
I will give each FNAF Song by Mandopony word by word. Enjoy please! :3
26 reads 15 readers 2 by Taki_the_Manokit
The Player's Guide to FNaF 3
I'm starting with this one because it's the one I've recently played. Welcome to the guide! Warning: SPOILERS! This will show you how to get past the nights, a little info on the animatronics, and the secret "good ending". Happ...
53 reads 16 readers 2 by SlugcatSeagullAghase
[FNAF 1-3] Phone Guy's Calls... Transcripted!
Finally, we have transcripts over the internet of Phone Guy's calls from every night in every game! These transcripts are accurate, and should be able to give you a good image of what is being said. The Phone Guy is voiced by t...
5421 reads 519 readers 21 by Weiss_Schnee
FNaF: The Truth behind The Bite of'87
This is a P.O.V story, about how the animatronics REALLY felt during the Bite of'87, and how they reacted after the event took place. It is NOT CANON.
63 reads 28 readers 15 by breann.west.5
Gravity falls FNAF crossover! Part 1
It's just a pizza place, or is it? Here's how it goes, Dipper reads newspaper, tells others, they join in, it's that simple
53 reads 20 readers 1 by Ugly.Birds_From.Shiro
FNAF sister location story (night one)
Julie wakes up in an elevator heading down to an underground storage area, which I know for its animatronics, that are rented for parties. But can she survive them?
5 reads 2 readers 2 by Lucky_the_whatever_26