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Does He Like Me?
Welll Imm 11 year olds and I have a crush... he stares at me all the time even though we arent in the same class.... but we get to see each other at recess and at Lunck etc...... He smiles at me all the time and Trys to make me...
15 / 12 by kingboo440
Does he like me? (1)
Hey guys i know i already have a question but it was what should i do, now im asking if he likes me okay? um well im not going to give the whole story so go on my other, Does He lIke me question to see deatails. bye!
1 / 1 by kingboo440
does he like me? (2)
i have asked this question before but the guy that i fancy has changed so do you think he fancies me? i catch him looking at me, he always talks to me, he makes me happy when i feel down, he talks and plays with me on xbox for ...
2 / 0 by princessme
Does he like me? (4)
I have a confusing problem. I don't date, and I don't like anyone but I want someone to like me. Okay so my bestfriend, everyone says we like eachother, and you know how when everyone says something SO much you start to believe...
3 / 0 by kass1551
Does he like me back?
Ok, so I REALLY like this guy named Chris. He's super funny, sweet, crazy, sensitive, friendly, you get it right? So anyways, I can't stop thinking about him and I really want to know if he likes me but, I am SUPER shy and even...
6 / 4 by carolinagirl1029
Does he like me? (6)
Ok, me and him are good friends. My friend (not saying her name for safety purposes) she says that when she says my name near my crush, she says his face turns bright red. I told him i like him 2 times. He is shy around me. He ...
2 / 0 by ShaunDreadmal
Does he like me? (8)
So I started to talk with my crush today at school but he keeps smiling at me. The last few times I've seen him he smiles at me, my friends say he likes me but I'm not sure. He looks at me and doesn't stop for at least 1 minute...
2 / 0 by FandomTrash
Does he like me? (10)
Okay so I'm in middle school and I kinda like this guy, we'll call him B. We've been friends since we were like, 3, and our parents are really good friends. Last year I had a crush on him, but my friend told him that I liked hi...
4 / 0 by justanotherone
does he like me? (boys help me) :(
right, so theres this boy i like, and we are really good friends, and i mean REALLY good friends, we (and his best friend who i kind of like too) talk to each other everyday at school and then at home on the xbox. we get along ...
5 / 10 by princessme
does he really like me?
well theres this guy...ive caught him staring at me a lot and then looking away. he's always so nice to me, and he always tries to start up convos but whenever I try to talk to him my mind just goes blank :( I used to have a HU...
4 / 3 by twinklelala
Does he like me or move on?
At the beginning he used to talk to me a lot and tease me and stuff. Now he seems like the shy type. Looks at me and when i look at him he quickly looks away. He talks to me still bit when ever i turn around to answer he quick...
7 / 4 by mary1
Does he like me? Or is he moving away?
We have only known each other for about a month. At first we would text all day everyday. As time went on we started text less and less. Now he doesn't really text me fist anymore. I do know that when we meet it was christmas b...
4 / 1 by Bubbagirl135
Does he like me more than a friend
I have this guy friend , and he is so nice to me and he acts like I am a angel when I am around , everybody else he is just nice too , We have Everything in common ... When I talk to other guys he gets jealous .. Does he like me ?
6 / 0 by runningbay
Am I being played or does he like me?
So this guy messaged me on fb asking me a question about softball (which he later admitted was used so that I could txt back) then he lied saying that his computer was dying and gave me his #. Then he asked me to go see a movie...
4 / 3 by luvurbody
does he like me or well not?
well I like this guy, and hes nice to me a whole lot of the time. yesterday, i think i caught him looking at me quite a few times throughout the day and when we were on the bus, I was with jane (she likes him) and him with his ...
2 / 2 by maybewearealllost
Does he like me? Can you try to tell me please
Okay actually r two guys. The first one. Is Carson. I like him but only as a friend. He's really sweet. And when I drop a pencil even when it's like 2 inches away from me he'll get it! And whenever I'm behind him getting a drin...
7 / 21 by Chrissy165
Does he like me? (Or am I overthinking this?)
So, I have a crush. Right? Obviously. And this crush I've known for years. Recently we've starting to see each other less and less, to a point where this year we haven't seen each other for 9 months. But it wasn't like we were ...
1 / 1 by graciewritesstories
Does anyone here still like Megaman?
Does he love me?
i honestly dont know. He allways smiles back when i smile at him and when im hurt hes always there. He seems to really care but is he just doing that because i like him?
3 / 4 by Cloudedstar
Does he have a crush on ME?
OK OK! my friend (no details) i think he has a crush on me! this is scary i want to be friends not food! ha-ha! that is from something else ha funny, btw these are things we are related with! -Our favorite colors are blue -We b...
5 / 2 by Justice2141Blah