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What Genre is Divergent?
13 / 1 by NeonTiger
is divergent really THAT good?
i am starting to read divergent and everyone says ER MEAH GERD IZ SO AMURZIN! and i am like yah ok... (i dont say that noramly) anyway what do u guys think?
12 / 14 by xxredfeatherx
song for will from divergent
Need a song for will from divergent asap tnx
2 / 0 by srs.jabber
Divergent or Hunger Games? Why?
Hunger Games. (Divergent has to much romance :-&)
9 / 9 by sisaloofafump
divergent in more than 3 factions?
I was wondering if a divergent can have the aptitude for more than 3 factions because I know Tris was chosen for 3 but could a divergent be in more? I need to know bcuz I'm writing a fanfic on wattpad, it's not published yet bu...
3 / 3 by cgkittymew
Divergent boys formal outfits?
I need to know the styles of some Divergent formal outfits for boys. I need one for each Faction.
0 / 0 by vive_la_revolution
has anyone read divergent and insurgent/
i want to know because it dosent look like anyone has.
12 / 0 by katniss23456789
fill this out to make a divergent character
fill this form out so i can create a story for divergent name: faction/factions: age: traitor/loyal: iniate/faction born:
32 / 0 by katnisslover101
Who are your top 5 Divergent characters?
Mine are: 1. Tris 2. Uriah 3. Tobias 4. Christina 5. Cara
7 / 7 by swageyamatobiyolo
What are your 3 favourite scenes from Divergent?
The book. ;) Mine are: 3. The zip line 2. The Ferris wheel 1. THE MUFFIN SCENE!!!! :D :D :D
5 / 3 by swageyamatobiyolo
Who thinks the Divergent Movie is messed up?
My friend at school today told me some things wrong with the movie. 1) Will dies at the wrong time. 2) Tobias shows Tris his tattos at the chasm instead of in his room. 3) WHERE THE HELL WAS URIAH?!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT INCLUDE UR...
10 / 5 by Weiss_Schnee
What's better? Hunger Games or Divergent?
I like both, but I wanna know which you like better. And please no hate comments because someone likes it and you may not.
13 / 19 by Weiss_Schnee
What are Amity Headquarters called? (Divergent)
What are Amity headquarters called like Abnegation is the Hub, Erudite is Millennium Park, Candor is Merciless Mart and so on. So what is Amity headquarters?
1 / 3 by NeonTiger
Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent?
Which is your fav? Which is ur least fav?
5 / 0 by Caligurl01
How long did it take you to read the entire divergent trilogy?
It took me 6 hours...
3 / 1 by sisaloofafump
Divergent, Percy Jackson,  Hunger Games, or Harry Potter?
Which book series do you prefer???
26 / 19 by CrystalDiamond2323
do you think one direction this is us better than divergent
They both like the same thing like music
6 / 7 by Mr.Tomlinson329
The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Divergent?...
Katniss, Harry, Clary, Percy, or Tris? Who wins? Which series do you prefer? Why?
10 / 4 by xremus_furrylittlesecretx