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Creepypasta help?
Can someone please explain the personalities of all the creepy pastas? (e.g. eyeless jack, BEN DROWNED,) and maybe a bit about they're story because i don't know much and i would like to. Thanx!
9 / 6 by NeonTiger
what is creepypasta??
9 / 1 by blank
What's a creepypasta?
I know what it is. I listen to people read them on an almost daily basis. Although what's your definition of it if you were to explain it to someone.
2 / 0 by Library_Guy
What is my favorite Creepypasta?
If you read my story, then this question will be too easily.
2 / 0 by Masubii_Chan
who's your favorite creepypasta?
Lexi: Ok. My faved is BEN. Which is yours of this list. :) BEN: MINE IS.... me. Um. Just Subscribe and comment, NOT ABOUT WHAT I SAID THOUGH!! >:(
66 / 25 by LexiCha
Who created Creepypastas?
People are always talking about Creepypastas, and I would like to know who created them!! :D
14 / 1 by swageyamatobiyolo
hey who here is a creepypasta fan?
ben drowned is my favorite. what is yours?
10 / 0 by kishinsouleater24
Are you a Creepypasta fan?
Are you a Creepypasta fan? If so, who's your favorite character and why?
22 / 13 by Ptvamber
What creepypasta will you FMK?
FMK means f*ck, marry and kill if you were wondering.
25 / 7 by TicciToby335
What would you ask a creepypasta?
The questions will be answered!
9 / 3 by silvermoon43344
Who's your favorite Creepypasta ?
Who is your Favorite Creepypasta ? Everyone has a favorite!
5 / 0 by Quizzyyy
Why is it called 'Creepypastasta'?
What's your fave Creepypasta
Plz answer my first question lol
5 / 0 by Britney_drowned
Which Creepypasta Do You Like?
Who do you think is the hottie? GIVE YOUR REASON! Mine are Masky and Jeff. Masky because he likes Cheesecake, (I wonder what he looks like?). Jeff because I would be curious on how it would go.
8 / 4 by WifeOfLaughingJack
What was the first creepypasta?
3 / 2 by TheUltraSans
Who's your Creepypasta crush?
Which Creepypasta do you crush on?
7 / 1 by Cheetsa
Ask the creepypasta guys
you can ask the guys now!
5 / 0 by nekohappy1
Who else likes Creepypasta?
2 / 2 by The_Mad_Hatress
What weapon does Hoodie the Creepypasta use?
I can't remember if Hoodie the Creepypasta uses a weapon or not. If you know, please comment the item!
12 / 10 by DanosaurPhilion
Whos your all time favorite creepypasta?
Just wanting to know { you: well ok then! }
11 / 0 by haleyskllington