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Btw this is a fan page. So... hope this page is good. Enjoy! (Btw I am bad at descriptions sometimes) so hope you enjoy!
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Creepypasta OC
Have your own creepypasta character? Post about it on this page! Heck, even post any artwork of your own character! This page is runned by me and my dark side, Cutter. Cutter is also my creepypasta oc.
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Every Creepypasta fan is welcome! but just don't start trouble ok? you can post anything you want like your OC doesn't matter as long as its related to Creepypasta :3 oh you can rp too ^^
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Creepypasta! :D
This is for all you creepypasta fans out there on Qfeast! Post oc's and there will be role playing! And talk about creepypasta and stuff.
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Creepypasta (1)
make up one or not post hilarious drawings/images of creepypasta :3> k
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creepypastas (1)
ANY creepypastas welcome however do not post links of the same creepypasta
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This is a page to RolePlay on~ If you want to join ask to be a member and fill a fourm~!Make sure there isn't a lot of lovey dovey things, remember these are infamous murders were talking to and being. ENJOY~ Fourm- Name, Age...
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Pkmn CreepyPasta
"I was the creator of this page, please no porn or other bad things thank you and have Fun!"
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creepypasta club
Creepypasta peps you must be 12-17 to be in hear post chat have fun hang out with peps who love jeff the killer ben toby hoddy and masky jane slandyman
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Creepypastas (2)
This page is for those few that know and love creepypastas. Its nothing fancy but hope you'll like it :P
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Creepypasta Page
This page is for all things creepypasta related. just a recap, creepypastas are internet horror stories that get passed down though, you guessed it, the internet. The most well known is the Slender Man so he's pretty much like ...
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IDK ANYMORE KILL MEH PLEASE CHILDREN i am called toby for sum reason my real name is sophie toba rodgersyeah i twitch and stutter i am bi polar i have sumthing on the autism spectrum idk why i was born dis way i can barely feel...
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Creepypasta memes!
Yes you read the name this is a page just for creepypasta memes well you can post just pictures too but it's just for memes. That is what the name says right. Well have fun cracking up laughing and stuff. Now let's do dis! The ...
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All About CreepyPasta
will post pictures of the many different CreepyPasta's, and if you want to read a story of one of the characters, I will post just ask! Also, Roleplaying is Available! Post your character's details, pictures, and backstory. Jus...
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Creepypasta drawing
In this page you can post pictures that you drew sound cool?! Ps. You can post your OC's too yay
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Creepypasta Yaoi Page!
The title says it all...Post all and any Creepypasta Yaoi here. Why does this have to be so long?
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Join the Creepypastas!
Ok, this is not real and you don't really have to kill somebody XD Just fill out a forum in the membership requests and you're in!
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creepypasta family
well i LOVE creepypasta and thought it would be kool that i would make a page for them u post anything creepypasta like idc what it is heck it can mlp creepypasta stuff will i said idc
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Creepypasta Lovers!!!
If you like creepypastas, then, what are you waiting for? Come join!! In the page you can tell us to look up something for a long lost creepypasta or recommend videos!! So, come on!!
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Creepypasta Planner!!!
Well, this was oroganally for owl and I, but if you want to make a creepypasta and want some advice, well come on!! No haters, no harsh critizism, just advice and creepypastas!!!
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