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I love you, could you love me again?
My Baby Boy has loved me for so long i have hurt him in the most cruel way.i however on the other hand after two years of him trying to help me and always there. i have only today realised what love is and how precious it is. ...
3 / 1 by R.I.PScarlett
What do you love?
So I love making these Keep Calm posters and I wanna do them for other people so tell me what you love and I will make a poster saying Keep Calm And Love________. There will also be a picture of the thing you love for a backgr...
24 / 4 by thatsssanicequizzzyouhavethere
What is love for you?
This is for a school project please comment something educational but good.
27 / 28 by MMMMMMM6
Do You Love Elmo?
11 / 3 by NikkiDaEevee24
what is love to you?
I want to know what you think love is.
3 / 0 by princessluna2
what is love to you ?
6 / 4 by villainous_Hero
Do you love rap?
Are you the kind of person who cares so much about rap (like me) and listens to it like almost everyday.
5 / 7 by danielle1007
What/Who do you love?
It czab be an object, a person, or both. Even an animal!
6 / 12 by KoopaQueen
Do you love this picture?
Well i think it is adorable. By the way it is a leonberger.
12 / 17 by kellygirl2
Your favorite Love Song?
I need a list of some love songs to put in my story for a wedding chapter. I can only think of "I Will Always Love You" by WHitney Houston and "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. I need up to 5 songs and if I pick your song, ...
8 / 1 by HellRaiserPrincess
Do you love surprises?
13 / 25 by Dedeea
Do you love Degrassi?
5 / 2 by kidrauhlforever
Why do you love to read?
Please tell me, why you love to read, and your favorite book.
8 / 2 by Sandstorm78
Do you love butterflies?
I love butterflies
4 / 1 by Jaytheangel
Do You Love Gossip Girl
If you love gossip girl talk about it in the comments and everyone could share thoughts about the many seasons they have.
5 / 0 by NinaMerie
Do you love Undertale?
This is a videogame played by multiple youtubers such as: jacksepticeye PewDiePie Markiplier and, Cryaotic
34 / 54 by Thug_Life_As_A_Blonde
Do you love Osomatsu-San ?
who loves osomatsu-san i do ichimatsu-nissan :3
5 / 0 by Charles_Lee
Who fo you love the most ?
Mine is my family
3 / 0 by everafter321
How do you know if you are in love?
I never been in love, but I want to see how other people's feelings were like when they have their first love. If you are confuse with this question, please let me know.
11 / 12 by pinkbear32
How do you know if you're in love?
I know that this is really broad but I wanna see what people can come up with.
3 / 4 by Sa55ygirl