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I love you...
Ben falls in love with Jeff, and Jeff falls in love with BEN. They don't know how each other feel, intill one day..
471 reads 65 readers 13 by Ptvamber
why i love you
it is about a boy and girl who fall in love but get seperated and might not ever see each outher again
79 reads 21 readers 3 by katycat
You Can't Love A Monster
This is not a Shadexis fanfic. This is actually the story of my parents. Not my parents irl but I thought it would be interesting. Be warned that Queen Aleena will not be Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's mom. The three of them are r...
23 reads 11 readers 19 by Noescaping
love like you mean it ( an Andy Biersack love story)
Bryanna always had a huge crush on Andy Biersack from Black veil brides. her friends, Yamilett and Camille try so hard to make Bryanna the happiest person alive. they bring Bryanna to a BVB concert and to meet Andy! Bryanna and...
74 reads 15 readers 9 by PHYSCOTIC
The best love you could imagine
This is for gay and lesbian rights. I just decided to do this because I hate all these "gay jokes". One time I started crying because of an offensive thing they said. This is based on me. It might be cheesy but I don't really c...
47 reads 20 readers 6 by quizzergirl4242
I Love You Too Much (TailsXDani)
this is a scene from the movie "The book of life" and i love the song! so i decided to put Tails and Dani in the scene :)
2 reads 2 readers 0 by TailsLover03
I love, LOVE
This is a poem about love. Not a lot of people love love Just because they think it's Disgusting. It's not. It's love And love is LOVELY.
60 reads 40 readers 4 by madix1
love u
its about a girl who fines love for the first time plzz read and follow me hope u like it
98 reads 46 readers 7 by hotstuff
The Reason I Love You (A Klance Fanfiction)
I was having trouble writing something so I listened to a few songs and one of them gave me the idea for this fanfiction. I hope you like it! Note: This is still a work in progress
3 reads 3 readers 0 by Casual_Red
I love You (Mindless Behavior Teen Pregnancy)
Princeton/Jacob Perez is now married to Alex (From Stooshe) and they have a 16 year old girl called Chantelle out of the boys children she is the only girl. Ray, Roc and Prod all have sons (Names will be given) what happens whe...
152 reads 34 readers 2 by BabyCakes
to death do we part- chapter 3~ i do love you!
well tyler, has been kind to katy, smiled at her, kissed, her,now given her a gift,and a....poem? but will that be enogh to steal her broken heart?
16 reads 14 readers 2 by leprechuan24
Me And You ~Louis Tomlinson Love Story
Amber Love Malik was abused by her father. And yes she is related to Zayn Malik from One Diection. Amber has tried forever to find him, but then one day...
39 reads 22 readers 5 by babesxoluvxo
Crazy Love
A Phanfic! WARNING! MAY BE TRIGGERING! Daniel Howell lived his naturally boring life in the hospital as usual, but what happens when a new patient arrives?
66 reads 34 readers 9 by KiraOsborne
a love story
love was in the air but I was super duper busy so here it is. A shadawn love story ( hey alexis lol )
94 reads 56 readers 11 by DawnTheWolf
Funny Love...
Normal girl, Harumi is a student at Tokyo high. It's another year and everything is normal again until her step brother comes in the picture.
242 reads 68 readers 16 by ChokolatLover
Love story
two people training to be guards in a wworld.... which will be explained in the intro fall in love
209 reads 63 readers 6 by Thehost
True Love (1)
This is about true love and how a person fell in love with a girl and awaits for her to notice him and be the one who he can spin around and love. Even though this is me it still is emotional.
10 reads 8 readers 2 by spencerfoster226
love facts!
“What’s love got to do, got to do with it.” As a matter of fact, Mrs. Turner, love has got a lot to do with everything. If you are in love or been in love, you would know that love is one of the most rewarding, important, and...
18 reads 16 readers 1 by jafrin