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Do you think i am pretty
i was looking at the girl in my class on my class picture and they were really pretty, but i looked like a great, fat and ugly monster. What do you think, dont worry about hurting my feelings? i just want to know ur opion!
29 / 18 by perrieedwards1
How can I be pretty?
I haven't had a relationship yet and I am going into 9th grade. I would like to change that but I want to be pretty. what makes a girl pretty?
9 / 14 by JKRowling
am i sick?!!!?!?!?
ok so today i fell real weird. cuz i dont wanna get up, i am listening to megaman themes and i am in love with a robot zero from megaman i mean he's awesome OK?!?! so help me guyz :C am i sick but not in body just just in love ...
10 / 12 by xxredfeatherx
am i pregnant or am i ill?
i am on the pill and i missed one pill, i had sex on the day i forgot the pill and he pre-cummed and cummed inside me, i bled pink the next day and then it went dark redish/brown. I had sex on 30 Jan. I think i am pregnant bu...
13 / 24 by lunahelp
Is this thing pretty yes or no why
Okkkay this is what happens when I'm bored out of my mind and start thinking stupid I know your answers to this but idc have fun and don't be mean
2 / 3 by Lime_kitty112
Am I a nerd???????????
I love to read, I always do my homework, I acuatlly like sceince and maths and I want to be a scientist when I grow up. Not to mention I wear glasses for reading and Im always the teachers pet. Please help me out here!!!! Am I ...
34 / 45 by horsewave
I am 17 and i want a baby. Am i crazy?
Details (Optional)
31 / 12 by krissy_sisk
Which British name is pretty special?
PLS give me an answer!
4 / 2 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Am I depressed?
Okay, so my mom often tells me that I need to stop complaining all of the time. I agree, but to me, I'm just being philosophical. And I admit, there's some complaining woven in there. I mostly complain about the earth, humans, ...
10 / 14 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Am I girly or boyish?
Here is why I think these friends. Girly side: I LOVE to talk about boys and I like boys. That's pretty much it. Boyish side: My favorite sport is basketball and I usually hang out with boys. I HATE to wear dresses and skirts a...
8 / 1 by beeesafe
Why Am I So Friendly?
I am to nice to people see cause people wanna play me as nice n play me as a push over when im not at all and people jest dont know.
5 / 0 by PoohRocks
am i in luv or obbsesed?!!
ok i no this sounds weird but i think i mite b in luv wih niall horan of 1d! i no idk him in person but i can stop thinking about him, when im sad i think about wat he would tell me and it cheers me up! he is soo much like me! ...
20 / 21 by leprechuan24
How do I find out who I am?
I'm a 17 year old boy who is about to graduate and attempt to start my life. I messed around in school and ended up not making it into my local university. I haven't told my mom this because I told her my plan was to go in the ...
8 / 9 by Wofford23
Is it pretty to have stawberry blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, and pale skin?
Everyone at my school tells me pale skin is hideous, and that I should get a tan. I tell them I'd rather be pale than be fake with skin cancer. People always call me stupid cuz I'm blonde, even though I'm in advanced/honors cla...
13 / 2 by Cinnamon_buns327
i think i am in love how would i know
i am in love with this girl i really love or i think i do how do i know
Well here are some things about me: 1. I like the way I look. Like in a slightly vain way. 2. I think aliens are real. 3. I also think that someone like the Doctor could also be real. 4. I believe in werewolves and want t...
14 / 10 by killedbythesketchbook
Am I flirting with him?
I am just friends with him. We talk whenever we get the chance, always are around each other, and just other normal stuff.
6 / 2 by Team_Finnick
HELP ME i am so scared!
Ok so i heard from my brother a few minutes ago that there is bomb threats in The area around me Rode Island. I am flipping out because i already have crazy angsiety attacks. this doesn't help so please HELP me what do i DO?
5 / 1 by xxredfeatherx
What is America like?
I'm moving to America on may 17th after living in Asia for the majority of my life. (8 of 13 years 2 B exact) so what is America like? Positives, negatives, I'm really looking for personal feelings. Is one of my classmates guar...
9 / 2 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q