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I am bored
i am so bored so im going to write this lame story so that im not that bored anymore
82 reads 25 readers 8 by CeCene
Why am I here?!
Kaitly is just moving to America from France. It is also her first year in high school. With her parents being out a lot and her older brother being boring, she has to try and make friends. Does it go as she planned, or will it...
21 reads 9 readers 1 by TheUltimateWaifu
I am a Victim
This is the true story of something that is happening to me right now, I am being bullied because of my looks and some other things. Please don't judge me, all names are fake, so it is not putting anyone I know who is involved ...
44 reads 9 readers 4 by ChlojoIsGoth
I Am No Angel
The seven deadly sins, as short descriptive paragraphs. (Rating: PG-14)
16 reads 3 readers 0 by TsumikiMiniwa
just the way i am
this is a short story that i wrote 4 english class, it is about a girl who moves to a new stae and has difficulties at her new school, it also talks about how she makes a life long friend. i hope you will like it, i got an A on it
12 reads 12 readers 4 by leprechuan24
I AM my characters
This is mostly just a book for me to talk and complain about a certain topic. MAY include some ranting. If I mention you for some reason and you take offense, I'm sorry and please just tell me so I can fix it.
25 reads 18 readers 1 by Frostgoddess
What am I describing?
In each chapter, I will be giving a somewhat detailed description of a random object, person, place, animal, etc. Your job is to comment what you think I'm describing in each chapter. Good luck! NOTE: Each object will be descri...
17 reads 6 readers 3 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Divergent - Amity Initiate
This is about a girl called Nera (full name Neralia) who is in Dauntless but then chooses Amity. No copyright intended, a section of this is from the actual Divergent book, which is written by Veronica Roth and it is hers to own.
207 reads 27 readers 33 by NeonTiger
I Am a Mermaid, You Are a Human
Nina Nanami is your normal, everyday girl. At least that's what humans believe. She is a half breed. A powerful one. Her pearl is her soul. But, she gave it to a boy to save his life. She doesn't know the pearl is her soul. Any...
9 reads 7 readers 0 by TinyOtaku
reasons i am not christian
there are many reasons why i am a atheist and do not believe in a "god" i thought i would share some articals that changed me from a christian to a Atheist
29 reads 15 readers 3 by memes_and_communism
I am a maid, but my master hinks other wise
Here's a story of a beautiful, caring maid called Sofia, girls call her names and are jealous but guys crave her, especially her married master...
215 reads 62 readers 19 by girlonfire
Written in the stars: Cercavo Amore
This is the story of a young girl who has always been interested in the stars of our night sky. She longs to find out what is written in the stars and she will not stop until she does. Her best friends help her in this journey ...
32 reads 5 readers 22 by ThatAnimeGirl
As a little girl, I grew up in prosperity. The humans were very kind to us. I remember when huntsmen would come and bring us, the Sun tribe, many small and wondrous items. It was fun and the boys, which is what they called thei...
7 reads 7 readers 0 by Miss.Red
A young female hedgehog named Yamilette wakes up in a strange world. Her quest is to find all her friends, keep them safe and to get home alive. Luna, Sapphire, Wolfie, Carmen, Arcane, Camille and Alexis are all close friends o...
181 reads 28 readers 39 by sapphirethehedgehog
Pain Can Be Pretty
A city under constant darkness must fend of wave after wave of attacks from mutants, big and small. However some are more fit for this than others, two teams of super humans have been used to help. But one man, knows more than ...
17 reads 8 readers 8 by SpinnerFTW
Ami and Rose
(Please don't think I'm babyish! I had to write a fairy-tale for school! LOL) This story is about two fairies named Ami and Rose. They go on a adventure... Will they save their village?
26 reads 17 readers 15 by Beauty784
Amazing Day
there is a bufflo stanpede .there is a safe place. dad is fishing in the river
2 reads 2 readers 0 by brisavalencia