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Harry Potter song
Created by my friends and I, you can give me ideas if you want :) POTTERHEADS WILL RULE!
162 reads 79 readers 17 by GlowingAndFading
Harry Potter song (1)
Tune to Mary Had a Little Lamb... enjoy! Made up by me! look @ my other songs 2! Oh, and books!
45 reads 28 readers 9 by MiaTizz
Harry Potter Steps
Ravenclaw's in 1, Slytherin's in 2, Gryffindor's in 3, Hufflepuff's in 4, Beuxbaton's in 5 and Durmstrang's in 6.Hope You Enjoy This. Bye bye bye
22 reads 12 readers 6 by ravenclaw_rivals_hufflepuff
Harry Potter Chat Room!
When the Harry Potter characters enter a chat room, it's not pretty. Read this fun story!
264 reads 47 readers 13 by Writerunner
My Harry Potter Song
I wrote a song about Harry's years at Hogwarts. It's quite similar to Harry Potter in 99 Seconds, in fact some of the lines of the lines are insane. I've only written a couple of years so far.
32 reads 19 readers 3 by HermioneGranger
Harry Potter activitys
A bunch of Harry Potter stuff to do. There are challenges and fun projects. And lots more
39 reads 8 readers 4 by Broken_soul
Guiding You (Harry Potter Fanfic)
Do you think being a normal ol' teenager is bad?Well,meet 12 year old,Jamie Black.She's an orphaned werewolf searching through alleys.And to top it all off she has 4 other siblings:Anne,Ally,James & Austin to take care of.When ...
42 reads 27 readers 5 by Moony
Harry Potter/ Twilight Chatroom
The Harry Potter and Twilight characters come together and meet on an awesome chatroom!!!!
50 reads 25 readers 3 by peace_out
30 Day Harry Potter Challenge
This is my 30 day Harry Potter challenge! I hope you enjoy it, and please comment YOUR answers to each question! ;)
511 reads 51 readers 9 by swageyamatobiyolo
Harry potter in 99 seconds
You know the song no durr but some of the lyrics are weird read this to remember them.
220 reads 52 readers 9 by cgkittymew
Sherie P. Ghim (harry potter)
What if Harry had twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family in Korea until she gets a letter from a relative in England that wants her to move in with her. Everything goes well unt...
10 reads 8 readers 1 by bluebear0914
Harry Potter Characters on Facebook
Just some random story I thought i'd post to hold everyone off for my 2nd Generation one.This has ALL generations.
389 reads 67 readers 19 by Moony
Poppie Dimble (Harry Potter Fan Story)
Basically, I love Harry Potter. So I've decided to write a story of my own, using the basic things of Harry Potter. It's mainly about Poppie Dimble, she lives with Dean, her brother, and Kendra, her mum. She goes on a quest to ...
3 reads 2 readers 1 by ravenclaw
Little Known Facts About Harry Potter
Every now and then I will upload chapters about little known Harry Potter facts and stories.
259 reads 41 readers 15 by MoonyWormtailPadfootProngs
Young Dracula and Harry Potter Crossover
Vlad was normal, well as normal has the son and heir of Count Dracula can get. But, to any other vampire he was normal (beside the fact that he is the chosen one and he is destined to lead all vampires.) He was finally getting ...
54 reads 12 readers 0 by lizzdoolittle0108
The forbidden (harry potter fan fiction)
This is a story about Ellie riddle sister to Voldemort. Hope you like it tell me if you want more chapters. The picture is of Ellie at this age.
9 reads 9 readers 3 by Ella475
Percy Jackson Vs Harry Potter in... The Hunger Games!
I thought it would be a good idea to take the three best book series in the world (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games) and merge them into one. So, the result was characters from Percy Jackson and Harry Potter co...
169 reads 23 readers 10 by amybri2002