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divergent fan club
if you love the divergent book post a review and share your thoughts on the series
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Divergent Fans
Can't deny it. Divergent is the film on everyone's mind! And if you've read the books, you'll know what to expect!
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Divergent Page!
i was bored and i really like divergent, so i decided to make a page where people can talk about divergent-y stuff like your favorite character of what faction you'd be from if you were in the book. or would you be divergent? ;)
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Divergent fan page
for divergent fans only.come post pictures talk about the characters and maybe a little roleplay.Warning only talk about divergent our i will cancel your membership
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Divergent Initiate RPG!
Create faction initiates online and upload them here! (I give permission to any requests) Plus put down names and characteristics, also faction
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Divergent - Sonic Style Page
If you have an OC you'd like to appear in Divergent - Sonic Style, or you have an outfit for the factions, then post it here! Also, give details of your OC and the faction details too!
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Divergent series is awesome!
Have you read the whole series of divergent or even just the first book? Well, that's what this page is for! To express how you feel about divergent, create a quiz about the altitude test and post about on there, or just writin...
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