How well do you know Cuphead?

How well do you know Cuphead?

This is a quiz about the stage names for the bosses in the game Cuphead. That's all there is to it. KEEP IN MIND I USE THE /FULL NAMES/ OF THE BOSSES. Ex; The Root Pack, Beppi the Clown

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Floral Fury

Shootin N' Lootin

One Hell of a Time

Carnival Kerfuffle

High Seas Hi-Jinx!

Murine Corps

Pyramid Peril

Junkyard Jive!

All Bets Are Off!

Railroad Wrath

Sugarland Shimmy

Ruse of an Ooze

Threatenin' Zeppelin

Fiery Frolic

Aviary Action!

Honeycomb Herald

Clip Join Calamity

Botanic Panic!