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Psychology final overview. Questions from each test combined to help study for the final.

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The limbic system plays an important role in___

Basic bodily functions
Our survival, emotion, and memory
Relaying incoming sensory information

Joe's friends are nervous about taking calculus next semester, Joe believes that he is capable of doing well in the course. Accordingly, he works hard and does well in the course. According to Albert Bandura, Joe's belief that he is capable of doing well in the course is called____


According to the activation-synthesis hypothesis, we dream because the brain____

Attempts to make sense of the random neural activity that occurs
during sleep
Actively synthesizes newly acquired information during dreaming
Needs to consolidate and synthesize daily activities

David believes that he is president of the United States and that there is a conspiracy to kill him. David's beliefs are examples of____that are considered_____symptoms of schizophrenia.

Hallucinations; positive
Hallucinations; negative
Delusions; positive

Which of the below is the correct ordering of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, from bottom to top?

Physiological, safety, belonging and love, self-esteem, self-
Safety, physiological, belonging and love, self-actualization, self-
Physiological, safety, self-actualization, belonging and love, self-

When Eric asks his parents to extend his curfew, they Engage in a discussion about the pros and cons of doing so before coming to a decisions that is best for both Aaron and the family. When megan makes the same request to her parents, they want to please her so they agree immediately to a very late curfew. Eric's parents exhibit a(n)_____ parenting style, while Megan's parents exhibit a(n)____style.

Authoritative; uninvolved
Authoritarian; permissive
Authoritative; permissive

Cameron is a 38-year-old librarian. Two months ago, she had been feeling very down and despondent, very fatigued, and just couldn't seem to stop crying. She had even starting thinking about wanting her life to be over. But for the last week, she has felt on top of the world. She cashed in her retirement fund and spent it all on a new sports car, then stayed up all night making plans to drive to California to become a famous actress. Which diagnosis best fits her symptoms?

Bipolar disorder
Major depressive disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Martin, a 43-year-old dentist, can't understand why he's been feeling so irritable and despondent lately. He used to be a fairly happy person, but in the last three months he has felt angry, irritable, or sad most of the time. He hasn't been sleeping well either, and has lost weight because he's had very little appetite. He doesn't enjoy doing things he used to like to do, such as golfing and spending time with his family. He's even had trouble concentrating on work, and is beginning to feel very hopeless about his situation. Which diagnosis best fits his symptoms?

Bipolar disorder
Major depressive disorder

Psychology is currently defined as the science of

Mental health
Behavior and mental process
Observable behavior

To help Erin overcome her fear of heights, her therapist asks her to develop a hierarchy of situations that provoke her fear. After the hierarchy is developed, Erin learns how to relax. She then relaxes whole she begins to experience her hierarchy. Erin is participating in a format of therapy known as____

Free association
Systematic desenitization

Which of these statements below is TRUE about heuristics, and FALSE regarding algorithms?

They guarantee a correct solution if followed precisely
They rely on previous knowledge/experience to make an "educated
They provide step-by-step instructions to a problem

According to the fundamental attribution error, as an observer we tend to overestimate_____ influences and underestimate_____ influences on other's behavior.

Situational; dispositional
Dispositional; situational
Attributionall; assumptional

When Sussie's mother ducks down behind the sofa,Sussie thinks she doesn't exist anymore. But when her mother jumps up and yells "peek-a-boo" Sussie is so surprised and happy to see that her mother still exists. Sussie is likely in the____ cognitive development stage, demonstrating her lack of understanding of______.

preoperational; reversibility
Sensorimotor; conservation
Sensorimotor; object permanence

The major criticism of Freud by the Neo-Freudians was____.

An overemphasis of childhood experiences
An overemphasis on the importance of the unconscious mind
An overemphasis on psychosexual development and sexual drives

Food and water are to____ as money and praise are to____.

Negative reinforcers; positive reinforcers
Primary reinforcers; secondary reinforcers
Secondary reinforcers; primary reinforcers

Recent research suggests the function of glial cells includes all EXCEPT which of the following?

Glial cells release neurotransmitters
Glial cells strengthen and weaken neuronal connections
Glial cells communicate with other glial cells

Experiments involve the manipulation of___and the measurement of___

dependent variables; independent variables
control variables; experimental variables
Independent variables; dependent variables

Psychoanalytic theories of personality empathize____, and humanistic theories of personality emphasize____.

Unconscious forces and childhood experiences; personal growth
Basic personality dimensions; cognitive and social factors
Cognitive and social factors; basic personality dimensions

Harlow studies with infant monkeys most clearly suggested that____ is more important than____ in the development of attachment

Contact comfort; nourishment
Nourishment; contact comfort
Quality time spent with the surrogate mothers

Blake was in a car accident. After the accident he lost his job because he could not set goals at work, control outbursts, or arrive to work on time. It was as if Blake's personality had changed. He most likely damaged his_____

Parietal lobe
Occipital lobe
Frontal lobe

What is the purpose of transduction?

Translating physical energy into neural signals that the brain can
Integrating visual signals with auditory signals
Determining whether or not a stimulus is detectable

According to arousal theory, which of the following BEST describes how arousal influences performance?

Increased arousal improves performance up to a point, but too much
arousal hurts performance
The higher the arousal, the better the performance
The lower the arousal, the better the performance

Elaborative rehearsal is more effective than memorizing because Elaborative rehearsal_____.

Generally takes more time
Always involves visual images
Typically provides more retrieval cues

Mariska did a correlational study and found that the more students study, the less they exhibit aggressive behavior. Marissa can conclude that

There is a relationship between studying and aggressive behavior
Aggressive behavior causes students to study less
None of the above

Multiple-choice exam questions are an example of the____method of measuring retrieval, whereas short-answer questions are an example of_____.

Recognition; recall
Recall; recognition
Recall; relearning