How well do you know Orange is the New Black?

How well do you know Orange is the New Black?

Orange is the New Black is a show on netflix ok. Viewers of the show know what it is and if you don't then why are you even looking. The questions are in chronological order from each season. Spoilers may be issued. And this app I use the browser on rlly sucks so you'll pass rather easily.

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Why is Piper going to prison?

She chopped her husband's genitalia off
with a knife— and it wasn't even sharp.
Murder— somebody disrespected her.
Carrying her girlfriend's drug money a
long time ago.

Who is the van driver in season one?

Lorna Morello.
Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett.
Carrie 'Big Boo' Black.

Who's house does Lorna break into?

Select the two correct answers
Her own.

Why is Brook Soso in prison?

Killing a cop with his own weapon.
Getting really dirty on a beach.
Illegal protesting.

Why does Sophia get sent to Maximum Security? (The SHU.)

Beating up Gloria Mendoza.
For her safety.
Threatening an officer.

Who is Space Admiral Rodcocker based off of?

Percy Jackson.
C.O Donaldson.
C.O. Bayley.

Why do the girls hate Piscetella?

He's rude and hateful towards the ladies, not to mention he murdered someone.
He sexually harasses the girls and claims to love Dayanara and her baby who isn't his.
He got an inmate pregnant and left her in the cold. Claiming he loved her but fell out of it.

Who accidentally murdered Poussey?

C.O. Donaldson.
Baxter Bayley.
Sam Healy.

Why do the girls riot?

Select the three correct answers
Because an awful officer won't resign.
Because an officer murdered a loved inmate and he won't be put on trial.
Because of the food being served.
Because sam healy isn't a good counselor.
Because maria slapped someone.

What was Freida's occupation as a child?

A dark minded girl scout.
A murderer.
A cowgirl.