Guess the song lyrics (1)

Guess the song lyrics (1)

did you forget about meh? anyways yeah just guess the song lyrics and stuff DONT CHEAT OR POTATOES WILL BURY YOU ALIVE

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im ___ but i dont think your funny, im only staying cause you give me all your money


have you ___ you looking ___ turning up at my door

gone insane, crazy
got no shame, insane
lost your mind, creepy

ok now guess what song these lyrics are from (easiest one ever)
time, stand, still beauty in all she is, i will be brave i will not let anything take away whats standing in front of me

now im out here looking like ____ feeling like a ___ the best ive ever been

regret, 10
revenge, 10
the best, hero

just like ___ ill be flying free, imma dissapear when they __ for me!

Select the two correct answers

you __ on your 9 to 5 dream of picket fences and trophy ___

get off, wives
come back from, wives
get off, lives

i thank __ everday, that i ____ feeling this way!

mom, was raised
god, was made
god, woke up

no i dont even like my ____ dress, my skin is bad my hair is a ___

favorite, mess
own, wreck
new, wreck

it feels like a perfect ____ for breakfast at midnight, to fall in love with strangers, ah ah, ah ah


guess what song these lyrics are from
got no umbrella and it starts to rain, my favorite shirt has got a coffee stain


this was lame