One radio one cassette revision quiz

One radio one cassette revision quiz

Radiography quiz for regular B class second years students Answer all the question Its is meant for revision not a forcing matter

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By using a___________ transformer, the incoming voltage can be adjusted in order to heat the filament of an x-ray tube; is about ________volts

Step down 10 to 20 volts
Step down 100 to 300 volts
Step down 10 to 40volts

The purpose of the circuit breaker is to

Prevent overloading
Prevent the heath personnel from shock
Prevent the patient from shock
Prevent over heating

Which of the following applies to the filament transformer?

Hint: 1 choice
Step down transformer is needed
Step up transformer is needed
Auto transformer is needed
Both transformers are needed

Which meter registers indicating x-ray exposure?

Hint: 1 choice
Milliamp meter
Dead man switch

The source of electrons is the

Cathod and cathod