What are you going to do? {plz be honest plz plz plz}

What are you going to do? {plz be honest plz plz plz}

Just get on with the quix ok {plz!}?! ALSO "Hi srry I have not been on here lately!"

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What clan are you in first of all???


Ok RP time- You are walking out in the woods and you see a plump mouse on the other side of WindClan territory. What do you do?

Leave it alone! I am not in their clan!!!!
*Goes on the border and catches it*
What is a territory? I am a housecat!

RP- You see that your leader is being attacked by a ShadowClan cat and you know she is on her last life-what do you do?

Leave her alone she can take care of it by herself
Help her
Go attack the ShadowClan cat
Cower in the bushes

RP-Your see a kit that doesn't have a mother and you wonder if the kit will be good for your Clan- What do you do?

You carry her to the Clan
You leave her be

RP- You are now the Clan leader- what do you do on your first day?

Organize hunting patrols
Attack another Clan
Check the borders
Go to the Nursery
Make more kits apprentices bc they are more than six moons
Make more apprentices warriors bc they have completed training

*Jumps out of RP window and brings you*

Hint: 2 choices
*goes with you*