Grade 6 social studies quiz

this is about jamaica, cuba and haiti road to independence , the head of government, the landforms , the contients , the lines of latitude and longitude

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Who is a nation builder for Cuba

Napoleon Bonparle
Norman Manley
Christopher Columbus
None of the above

Why is the prime meridian also called the greenwich meridian

Because it runs through a town in England called greenwich
Because it runs through a town in spain called greenwich
Because it runs through a town in Russia called greenwich

Who was the first pime minister of independent jamaica?

Sir alexander bustamante
Norman manley

Who fought for independence

All of the above
None of the above

Who is the head of state

The prime minister
The governor general
The monarch

which parish is not found in middlesex

st. ann

What is the universal adult suffrage?

when did haiti gain independence?


What year did Marcos mosiah Garvey die

What is the main line of latitude

The prime meridian
The equator
The topic of cancer

Which 2 countries gain independence in 1962

Select the two correct answers
Trinidad and Tobago