How well do you know spanish language?

7¿Qué tan bien sabes sobre el idioma español? Fail means ya don'. Pass means ya know almost or all ov it.

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What does qué significa esto mean?

What does this mean? is what it means
I have bananas in meh. *me:"wtf. ._.
booga*me:"is that even a real word

How about Gatos y perros y peces y mamíferos y humanos y otras cosas ...

cats and dogs and fish and mamals and humans and other things...
ssssssoooooooo...meh amigos

How to you spell wierd in spanish. [WARNING: This is sarcastic-ish no capitol letters but and 1 special letter

How many languages are there?

Select the two correct answers
over 100
over 20 *me:¿Qué ...? Este es el más fácil de responder.)

Español a inglés. (spanish to english)
mierda means...

weirdo, aren' ya?