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Are you a movie freak? Well even if not see how well you know your movies! THIS MOVIE IS SPY KIDS!

published on November 04, 20161 response 0

In Spy kids Movie #2 Who was the girl who came second into that guys "Volcano"?


Who was the two superhero's?

Who "beat" The monkey spider?

The serpent and something else (i forgot)
Harry styles

Why were gerty and carmen in that nest who took them there?

Who had the double the hair?

Select the two correct answers
The dad
The grandpa
The fake uncle

Who had metal in there mouthS

Why did that scientist/weirdo make those BIG half one animal/another animal

It was on purpose!
It was a mistake,He didn't want to make them big!
It was an accident!

Why did Carmen and Juni not want there parents to find them?
(Hint:Carmen told Juni this.......)
They would get in BIG trouble

They HATED there parents!
They would boss them around!
They would ALL get traped!!!!!!........................And die.!!!