Random Knowledge (2)

do you know useless facts that may never come in handy? Maybe you should take this quiz! You do not have to get every question right to pass it!

published on October 16, 20163 responses 0

In Barbie, "Life In The Dreamhouse" what is the most important automotive part?

the wheels
the schlaun poofa
the mizzles of speediness
the zizzle-whatzit

What is the capital of Montenegro?

Sannich nessiss

Who made the music for the television program Lego Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu?

John Williams
Bill Conti
Jay Vincent
Zach Wonder
Cameron Sharp
A group called "Bowling For Soup"

Which of these movies did John Williams not make the music for?

Rocky Balboa
Star Wars
Indianna Jones

which of these describes any all natural tomatoes

can come in many colors
grows underground
pesticides are added
have long stems that bear many fruits