Do You know about Carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is very harmful for health.To know about the effects and how to save yourself visit:

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How does carbon monoxide impact your health?

Damage Your Lungs
Replaces the oxygen in your blood.
Destroys the lining of your vessels
All of the above

Is carbon monoxide impact your health?

Little bit
Don't know

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure?

Drowsiness and Nausea
None of the above
Both of the above

What should you first do if your carbon monoxide detector goes off?

Leave the house immediately
Call the fire department immediately
If anyone is sick and open up your windows.
All of the above

Carbon monoxide detectors

Can only be plugged in
can be either battery operated or plugged in
Can only be solar energy
Can only be battery operated

How many people in the United States are treated each year for carbon monoxide exposure?

10,000 people
30,000 people
15,000 people
2,000 people