Quiz of Legitness- Do you know America?

Quiz of Legitness- Do you know America?

This quiz is legit and makes S E N S E. Iso just enjoy this and be caIt features Shrek, Donkey Kong, country knowledge, and all in all good shit. I strive to be as great of a quiz maker as Waleed and Pittsburgh. Hope y'all will enjoy this here q uiz!

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When Pinocchio was pressured to take that weed, did he? Do you think it was a good decision?

When Pinocchio was pressured to take that weed, did he? Do you think it was a good decision?
Yes ge took w e e d and got high as fucc
with Jimminy the Cricket and Lampwick
N O, He inhaled the cocaine through his
L O N G- L I A R nose
No, Pinny-oaky-O is a good kid. He just
wants to be a good living boy.

Which of these are legit places in Germany?

Select the six correct answers
Nazï nëver Äggen Iggen
Prussia, Preußen
Aunïd Füher

Is Do n key Ko gn related to Donkey from ShreKkk?

Yes, Donkey Kogn is Dankey from Shrakkk's
daddy dad father faddthy
No they are lovers
No, they have no relation whatsoever
Yes they r brothers who have never met
each other

What is the capital of Romania? 🇷🇴
Vlad vampire will suck blood of yours if you get wrong, yes?

What is the one thing Buddy Timmler could never find?

Why would Caillou take this quiz?

Cuz he accidentally clicked on this when he
was trying to watch his daddy's so called
history of "po r n"
Becuz daddy said so
He didn't take this and he never will. I myself
am regretting taking this quiz.
He was bored cuz Gilbert the cat didn't
wanna play with him

Why did Laddy Ladster jingle his Pringles?

Select the two correct answers
Because he wants to start a band and he
thot that would be a good start
He wanted to get attention from the Little
boy nexto door cuz he g a y
He does not like Pringles
He just jingled his pringles cuz he can. Is
there a problem with that?

Where is China located?

In Asia
China will forever be located on the tags of
clothes and other American goods, right
next to where it says:
In Russia
In Hong Kong
In cheap restaurants in Downtown Chicago

There once was a TV named Laramie. What happened to him?

Select the three correct answers
Laramie saw worse things than what you
see in his television stomach
He saw nothing. Television's can't see. They
are not alive
He saw you eat off the couch
Laramie saw your face

Go check out Waleed and Pittsburgh quiz?

Hell yeah
Hell yesh

Fill in the blank: Big _____
Hint: Baggs Banny

Is does the Grinch Gay, thicc, or a stick?eff

The Granch is thicc, a stick, and gay green
all at once, PREACH, DR SEUSS!!!
I still tHinK tHe LoRaX wAs BeTteR
Lorax= Lordax 👌

Some ship Deku's dad and Deku's mom. Do you?

Deku's dad abandoned them and left no
child support. He does not respect
I ship her with All MiGhT
I ship her with no one, stop being Cringey tm

Who are The Big Four?

Select the four correct answers
Gordon Ramsay
Bob Ross
Steve Irwin
Dr Seuss
Vladimir Putin
Danny DeVito
Sonic X