Pretty little liars quiz (1)

This a tricky and easy quiz on pll, will you pass or will you fail? Good luck.

published on December 29, 20171 response 0

How many persanol messages has Hanna had from ‘A?’


Under pressure to succeed, it's easy to make bad decisions. For which AP class does Spencer steal her sister’s paper for an assignment?

Russian History
English Literature
Political Anthropology

Where did Emily and Maya share there first kiss?

Swimming pool
Maya’s room

Who always seemed to be the liar that figures who out ‘A’ is first


What colour was the first scarf Mona suggested to shoplift with Hanna?

Plain red
Pink, white and black
Orange and yellow

Why did Toby’s tattoo say ‘901 Free At Last’?

It was the day he was free of Jenna
It was the day he became free of the ‘A’ threats
It was the day his mother died

Who was Hanna jelouse of when she thought Sean was interested in someone else

Aria Montgomery
Lilly Roberts
Amber Victorino

Why was Emily not aloud to enter the beauty pageant

She was caught smoking weed
She is gay
She is friends with Alison

Who shot Spencer?

Mary Drake
Alex Drake
Jenna Marshel

The Hastings family is full of over-achievers. Where did Spencer intern?

Pennsylvania Governor’s Office
Rosewood Mayor’s Office
Philadelphia District Court